The Survival Medicine Handbook_ A Guide for When Help is Not by Joseph Alton MD

By Joseph Alton MD

In the event you needed to care for an damage or affliction in a catastrophe, might you recognize what to do? The Survival drugs guide is a 670 web page particular advisor when you are looking to be medically ready for any catastrophe the place assistance is now not at the approach. This ebook is written through Joe Alton, M.D. and Amy Alton, A.R.N.P., the superior scientific preparedness pros from the pinnacle ten survival web site The accelerated 3rd version of the three class Amazon bestseller (Survival abilities, catastrophe reduction, Safety/First reduction) is geared to let the non-medical expert to accommodate the entire most likely concerns they'll come upon in catastrophic brief or long term eventualities. The 3rd (2016) variation of The Survival medication guide isn't your usual first reduction publication: in contrast to different so-called “survival” scientific books, it assumes catastrophe, common or man-made, has got rid of all entry to hospitals or medical professionals for the foreseeable destiny; you, the typical individual, are actually the top scientific source left on your kin. The Survival medication instruction manual provides you with the instruments, in simple English, to safely deal with accidents and ailment for any state of affairs that leaves you because the finish of the road almost about your family's clinical health. listed below are just a few of the over a hundred and fifty issues (175 illustrations) coated: rules OF clinical PREPAREDNESS-HISTORY OF PREPAREDNESS-USING the entire instruments within the WOODSHED-SPIRITUALITY AND SURVIVAL-MODERN medication VS. SURVIVAL MEDICINE-THE significance OF COMMUNITY-HOW TO develop into a good MEDIC-LIKELY clinical concerns YOU’LL FACE-MEDICAL abilities YOU’LL are looking to LEARN-MEDICAL baggage, KITS, AND SUPPLIES-HOW TO STERILIZE scientific SUPPLIES-NATURAL treatments, LIKE OILS, TEAS, TINCTURES, AND SALVES-THE clinical heritage AND actual EXAM-THE MASS CASUALTY INCIDENT-THE energetic SHOOTER EVENT-PATIENT TRANSPORT-HYGIENE-RELATED scientific ISSUES-LICE, TICKS, AND WORMS-DENTAL concerns AND PROCEDURES-RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS-GUIDE TO protecting MASKS-FOOD AND WATER-BORNE ILLNESS-WATER STERILIZATION-DIARRHEAL illness AND DEHYDRATION-DEALING WITH SEWAGE ISSUES-RODENTS AS ailment VECTORS-FOOD POISONING-PATHOGENS (DISEASE-CAUSING ORGANISMS)-HOW INFECTIONS SPREAD-APPENDICITIS AND different stomach INFECTIONS AND CONDITIONS-HEPATITIS-URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS-INFECTIONS attributable to YEAST-CELLULITIS-ABSCESSES-TETANUS-MOSQUITO-BORNE ILLNESSES-PANDEMICS-THE SURVIVAL ailing ROOM -HYPERTHERMIA (HEAT STROKE)-HYPOTHERMIA-FROSTBITE/IMMERSION (TRENCH) FOOT-COLD WATER SAFETY-FALLING in the course of the ICE-AVALANCHE PREPAREDNESS-ALTITUDE SICKNESS-WILDFIRE PREPAREDNESS-SMOKE INHALATION-TORNADO PREPAREDNESS-HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS-EARTHQUAKE PREPAREDNESS-FLOOD PREPAREDNESS-MARITIME SURVIVAL-NEAR-DROWNING-VOLCANO PREPAREDNESS-ALLERGIC REACTIONS-ASTHMA-ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK-POISON IVY, OAK, AND SUMAC-RADIATION SICKNESS-BIOLOGICAL WARFARE-INJURIES TO smooth TISSUES- MINOR WOUNDS-HEMORRHAGIC WOUNDS-PHYSICAL results OF BLOOD LOSS-HEMORRHAGE CONTROL-TOURNIQUETS-COMMERCIAL BLOOD-CLOTTING AGENTS-KNIFE AND BULLET WOUNDS-BODY ARMOR-THE MEDIC lower than FIRE-SOFT TISSUE persistent WOUND CARE-HOW TO SUTURE SKIN-HOW TO STAPLE SKIN-LOCAL NERVE BLOCKS-BLISTERS, SPLINTERS, AND FISHHOOKS-NAIL mattress INJURIES-BURN INJURIES-ANIMAL BITES-SNAKE BITES-INSECT BITES AND STINGS-HEAD INJURIES-SPRAINS AND STRAINS-DISLOCATIONS-FRACTURES-PNEUMOTHORAX-AMPUTATION-THYROID DISEASE-DIABETES-HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE-HEART DISEASE-ULCER AND acid reflux disorder DISEASE-SEIZURE DISORDERS-JOINT DISEASE-KIDNEY AND GALL BLADDER STONES-SKIN RASHES-VARICOSE VEINS-HEMORRHOIDS-AIRWAY OBSTRUCTION-TRACHEOTOMY-CPR within the subconscious PATIENT-HEADACHE-EYE TRAUMA AND INFECTIONS-NASAL TRAUMA-EAR INFECTIONS-PREGNANCY AND DELIVERY-ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION-SLEEP DEPRIVATION-OVER THE COUNTER DRUGS-PAIN RELIEF-ANTIBIOTICS- EXPIRATION DATES whilst scientific body of workers are crushed and glossy know-how is non-existent, The Survival medication guide is the basic ebook to your library.

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You are now the highest medical resource left, regardless of whether you have a medical diploma or not. This fact will lead you to make adjustments to your medical strategy. You are now responsible for the care of the patient from beginning to end. As such, if you want to be successful in your new position, you will have to obtain more knowledge and training than you have now. You will also need more supplies, if you intend to maintain the well-being of your family or survival community, you will have to plan in depth to deal with their potential medical needs.

If you don’t work to achieve all of the above goals, your preparations will be useless. In a collapse situation, you will be building shelters, walking long distances to find food, tending fires, and many other activities that will test you physically. Getting fit now will prepare you to accept those challenges. Also, doctors say to eat well and exercise for a reason; make sure you get good nutrition and watch those calories. This doesn’t mean that you have to run marathons. Even just a daily walk around the block is going to help keep you active and mobile.

Meticulous hand washing with soap and hot water is the cornerstone of a clean field. In most survival settings, this may be as good as it gets, but is that so bad? With regards to wound care, there is very little research that compares clean vs. sterile technique. In one study, an experiment was conducted in which one group of patients had their wounds was cleaned with sterile saline solution, the other group with tap water. 3% in the sterile saline group. Another study revealed no difference in infection rates in wounds treated in a sterile fashion as opposed to clean technique.

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