SCEA Sun certified enterprise architect for Java EE study by Paul R Allen; Joseph J Bambara

By Paul R Allen; Joseph J Bambara

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The structure or architecture must also conform to the system capabilities (also known as nonfunctional requirements). These likely include performance, security, and reliability requirements associated with current functionality, as well as flexibility or extensibility requirements associated with accommodating future functionality at a reasonable cost of change. These requirements may conflict, and trade-offs among alternatives are an essential part of the design of architecture. Where Architecture Fits in Analysis, Design, and Development In most project alignments, the architects are members of the development team.

These diagrams show the sequence of operation as a function of time. n Develop class diagrams. Class diagrams show the system functionality as classes and their methods. n Develop collaboration diagrams. Collaboration diagrams depict how the classes interact. Architectural Design This phase involves creating the architectural design for the software. The development of the architecture is based on the output of the object-oriented analysis. This phase tries to give a framework within which all the components will work to satisfy all the customer requirements.

The proper functioning of a company’s computer systems is now critical to the operation of the company. An outage of an airline’s computer systems, for example, can effectively shut down the airline. Many computer failures may be invisible to customers—a temporary hiccup during the catalog order process, for example (“I can’t check the availability of that item right now, but I’ll take your order and call you back if there’s a problem”), or cashiers having to use hand calculators to ring up sales.

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