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Surfactant Flat Paint SG Paint Dry Wet Scrub Dry Wet Scrub Adhesion Adhesion Resistance Adhesion Adhesion Resistance Sample A 5 5 2190 5 5 2540 Pluracoat® CF 20 5 5 2200 5 5 2530 TABLE 4 | Water resistance of the flat and semi-gloss coating formulations containing different dispersing additives measured as % water uptake by 20 mil dried coating submerged in water for 24 hours. 08 of Sample A dispersing additive. Tables 5 and 6 present color development data for Universal Red organic colorant in flat and semi-gloss formulations, respectively.

Pichot, C. , and Cabane, B. Colloid & Polymer Sci. 1992, 270, 806. 4. A. , J. 1992,64 (811), 51. 5. Davidson, G. and Lane, B. Eds. Additives in Waterborne Coatings, RSC, 2003. 6. Conley, R. F. Practical Dispersion: A Guide to Understanding and Formulating Slurries, VCH Pub. , 1996. 6400. Conclusion In conclusion, paints are multi-component systems formulated to produce specific product properties. The rate and uniformity at which these coatings wet spread and coalesce into a film can be controlled by the chemical components used in the formulation.

Therefore latex, waterborne paints command an ever-increasing share of the market. It is easy to study zeta potential in these coatings and, because of the additives and formulated nature of the products, manipulating zeta potential is highly relevant as an optimization tool. Specifically, because water has a high surface tension, waterborne paints present unique formulation challenges. It is more difficult to wet the non-polar components of the formulation, such as pigments, etc. Also, because of the physical properties of the oil and polymers used in these aqueous based dispersions, the film formation characteristics of the latex paints themselves tend to be restricted.

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