Oracle9i Application Developer's Guide - Large Objects by Higgins S., Kotsovolos S., Raphaely D.

By Higgins S., Kotsovolos S., Raphaely D.

Oraclc9i software Developer's Guide-Large items (LOBs) comprises info that describes the gains and performance of Oracle9i and Qracle9i company variation items. Oracle9i and Oracle9i company variation have an identical simple positive aspects. besides the fact that, a number of complicated positive factors can be found simply with the firm variation, and a few of those are not obligatory. to exploit the Partitioning performance, opt for the Partitioning choice.

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1) Compatibility and Migration Issues Location of Demo Directories? Many of the examples for the use cases are also available with your Oracle9i installation at the following location: ■ Unix: On a Unix workstation, at $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/demo/lobs/ ■ Windows NT: On Windows NT, at $ORACLE_HOME\rdbms\demo\lobs Compatibility and Migration Issues The following LOB related compatibility and migration issues are described in detail in Oracle9i Database Migration : ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ “Varying Width Character Sets for CLOBs or NCLOBs”, under "Datatypes, Compatibility and Interpretability Issues”.

COMPRESS | NOCOMPRESS] Enter one of the options. Do not enter the vertical bar. Horizontal ellipsis points indicate either: ■ ■ That we have omitted parts of the code that are not directly related to the example CREATE TABLE ... AS subquery; That you can repeat a portion of the code SELECT col1, col2, ... , coln FROM employees; . . Vertical ellipsis points indicate that we have omitted several lines of code not directly related to the example. Other notation You must enter symbols other than brackets, braces, vertical bars, and ellipsis points as shown.

1) The LOB Datatype Oracle can access BFILEs provided the underlying server operating system supports stream-mode access to these operating system (OS) files. Note: ■ ■ External LOBs do not participate in transactions. Any support for integrity and durability must be provided by the underlying file system as governed by the operating system. You cannot locate a single BFILE on more than one device, for instance, striped across a disk array. External LOB Datatypes There is one datatype, BFILE, for declaring instances of external SQL LOBs.

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