Operator Performance in Cognitively Demanding Simulated by E. M. Roth

By E. M. Roth

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This suggests that they knew the intent of the procedure step, and evaluated the possibility of a faulted SG before responding. 28 " Pressure in all SG -- BOP: Right now on a decreasing trend all of them. 7:49:38 SO (to SS): OK, We've got a decision to make here on this step here -- pressure in all generators stable or increasing, if it is no, we are going to be in this do loop; if we can say yes to this we can go on, stay in E-1 and we'll cooldown and depressurize, and that's what I think we need to be doing, 7:49:55 BOP: Right now they are decreasing.

36 Cognitive Performance PRTrupturing but he never mentioned it to the rest of the crew. As a result at no point in the event did the SO realize that the PRTruptured, The remaining four crews recognized that the event was not a simple LOCA based on observation of plant symptoms that were unexpected given a LOCA hypothesis. In three cases this was based on observation of symptoms in the PRT. In the last case (Crew 10) it was based on observation of RHR symptoms, which in turn were found in the process of searching for an explanation of the symptoms in the PRT.

I'm not sure I understand how we did that, how we ended up with PRT problems. SS: This is the relief that is lifting on us? These are normally closed down. What kind of pressure do you have in the RHR system? 11:55:50 SO (to SS): We can isolate this pump, turn it off, shut these other - 8809 alpha, we are on the alpha pump, isolate these check valves, and try to see if that is our source of leakage coming back this way and going out that relief valve. 11:56:14 BOP: As far as the suction valves, if the suction valves are leaking by, we are just screwed.

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