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NOSE SECTION SEPARATIONANO ~ plL~ CHUTE DEPLOYMENT “%,%, ‘% ( >“a, m,,. bv. :.. ... ,. :: .. . .. .... .. . . \;i;. ~ NOSE CAP BLOWOFF b #@l P&AoIRY ~, “ ::,+ \ +,::,, .... ::. ,,:. :: + .... ~w SEPARATION ... , . ,,... 1 -am to UhUtrato rocket prOgEld% DYE MARKER COMPA~MENT F~MEO \ FLOTATION AFT SEAL ACTUATIONOEVICE PARACHUTE SECTION RECOVERY ANTENNA and TRANSMITTER I ! 2 Sclwmatic view 59 of rocket nose section. 6 contain a compilation af radicchemical dsta for all the samples The samplers are identified by the aircraft number.

Mo”:K#$m. o REDWING RS9(137) RS8(90) Average cloud Fallout Flathead Navajo 47 . 08 . 2 I \ 1 II I I KOA1. 1 ~! I / I ‘LAND l SURFACE (60,000’) 1 \ I ---1, 1!! ‘A—- I 1 ! 2 Fraction 6 S 10 12 14 ‘6 TIME SINCE DETONATION i~l 1 ‘e 20 (HRI of total Sr ‘o formed that remains 49 L+ --- c“ 0 I I 22 24 aloft at various 26 times. : 0. 3 Fraction of total Cs 12 14 16 SINCE DETONATION 137 formed t~t 20 18 22 24 26 28 (HR) re~ins ~oft at various times. 1 CONCLUSIONS The failure of the rocket sampling program made it necessary to rely almost exclus iveiy of volatile material in an iaoiated Portion of the cloud upon the technique of relative enrichment Thie technique la an unproved one that includee come for the measurement of fallout partition.

L%e agreement is generally as good as could be expected, considering the nature of the data. The g- and particulate samplea are not In Shot KOa, the @s sample data is very meager. matched well in time and altitude. It in belleved that the MO’Dfractions, and consequently the Srn and CsU’ fractions, as calculated from the Sr” and CsU’ in the cloud and fallout are better values than those calculated from Kr6’. For Shot Walnut, the late fallout results are limited and not interpretable in obtaining the fraction airborne; hence, only the gas sample data has been UEed.

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