Oh, what a night! : being one of the Jersey Boys by Daniel Robert Sullivan

By Daniel Robert Sullivan

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To compensate for my theatrical deficiencies, I put together a first-class team of very experienced people who had worked at Livent. Led by Peter Lamb, my executive vice president, I could not be in the business without this incredible team. They all have a sincere and continuing passion for the business of theatre and a strong desire to participate in the journey, opportunity, and adventure of bringing great theatre to the city of Toronto. Everyone in the theatre crew at the Toronto Centre for the Arts — those in wardrobe, wigs, props, stage management, marketing, sales, the actors, the musicians — all had a singular goal in mind: to make Jersey Boys as successful as possible, while still having fun.

The next day I start drum lessons. Through Cara’s connections, I am able to get in touch with a drummer who actually played on the Jersey Boys cast recording. How’d this happen? Cara walked into the orchestra pit at a Broadway show she was subbing in on last night (she fills in at various hair departments for side work when she can) and asked all the musicians for suggestions on who to call for instruction. I meet this drummer at his studio a few times. He doesn’t usually give lessons but is making an exception for me.

Tommy DeVito, in real life, grew up the youngest of nine kids in the poorest part of Belleville, New Jersey. He stole his first car at fourteen. He was arrested for the first time at fifteen. He worked for a mob boss in his early days, and in his later days was accused of money laundering in connection with an attempted bribe of Richard Nixon. This role is a bit of a stretch for me. * * * Three days later I am entering through the stage door of the August Wilson Theatre. Upon arriving, I tell the security guard I am to check in with the stage management office.

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