Occupy Time: Technoculture, Immediacy, and Resistance after by Jason M. Adams (auth.)

By Jason M. Adams (auth.)

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25 In other words, while it is positive, it is positive only in the sense that logical positivism, for instance, is positive. It has not encountered the negative and therefore offers only a depotentialized imitation of affirmation, the affirmation only of the possible, not the virtual. For Deleuze and Guattari, this is one of the central questions of radical theory today, particularly of the sort that live theory has exemplified, at its highest moments. As they put it in What Is Philosophy? We do not lack communication.

Not only because a range of events provided additional, more fundamental conditions of possibility for the movement, but because the immediacy of the increasingly rhizomatic, resonant culture we live in destabilizes such claims. Beyond the figure of Lasn himself, one need look no further than the primary activity to which Adbusters has been dedicated since its founding, in order to sense this. The Situationist practice of détournement was, of course, the central theoretical inspiration upon which the project was built, as Lasn has repeatedly stated.

What occupy theory did in the journalsphere, social media fora and détournememes did in other realms: they provided the contours of a non-periodic, live theory, one appropriate to the temporality of constant capitalism and realtime resistance alike, without being subordinated to one or the other. Rather than accepting the occupation movement as a static object composed of purely negative or positive qualities, live theory intervenes in the immobilization of such movements in the first place. In the case of the former, it questions the nihilist negativity of opposing the Wall Street system without suggesting an alternative, while in the latter it interrogates the nihilist positivity of any alternative whatever, without considering past lineages or future effects.

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