MPI: The Complete Reference (Vol. 2), Vol. 2 - The MPI-2 by William Gropp

By William Gropp

On account that its liberate in summer time 1994, the Message Passing Interface (MPI) specification has turn into a typical for message-passing libraries for parallel computations. There exist greater than a dozen implementations on various computing structures, from the IBM SP-2 supercomputer to desktops operating home windows NT. The MPI discussion board, which has persisted to paintings on MPI, has lately published MPI-2, a brand new definition that comes with major extensions, advancements, and clarifications. This quantity offers a whole specification of the MPI-2 ordinary. it's annotated with reviews that make clear complex matters, together with why sure layout offerings have been made, how clients are meant to take advantage of the interface, and the way they need to build their model of MPI. the amount additionally presents many exact, illustrative programming examples.

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Note that not all globally defined MPI objects are constant. For example, MPI:: COMM_WORLD and MPI::COMM_-SELF are not const. 7 Processes An MPI program consists of autonomous processes, each executing its own code, in an MIMD style. The codes executed by each process need not be identical. The processes communicate via calls to MPI communication primitives. Typically, each process executes in its own address space, although shared-memory implementations of MPI are possible. html[2011-2-17 2:04:33] next page > page_21 < previous page page_21 next page > Page 21 MPI specifies the behavior of a parallel program assuming that only MPI calls are used.

There are also several C++ types that do not exist in C, including MPI::BOOL, MPI::COMPLEX, MPI::DOUBLE_-COMPLEX, and MPI::LONG_DOUBLE_COMPLEX. Several C++ types have names that are not easily derivable from the C name, including MPI::F_COMPLEX, MPI::F_F_DOUBLE_COMPLEX, MPI::TWOINT, MPI::TWOREAL, MPI::TWODOUBLE_PRECISION, and MPI::TWOINTEGER. There is also the C++ only error handler MPI::ERRORS_THROW_EXCEPTIONS. Finally, there is no constant comparable to MPI_STATUS_IGNORE. We use the ANSI C++ declaration format.

4 C++ Binding Issues There are places in the standard that give rules for C and not for C++. In these cases, the C rule should be applied to the C++ case, as appropriate. In particular, the values of constants given in the text are the ones for C and Fortran. In general, it is easy to determine the C++ constant from the C constant. To help C++ users, the first reference to a constant listed in the index under the C name also has the C++ name in the text. There are also several C++ types that do not exist in C, including MPI::BOOL, MPI::COMPLEX, MPI::DOUBLE_-COMPLEX, and MPI::LONG_DOUBLE_COMPLEX.

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