Mindreading Animals: The Debate over What Animals Know about by Robert W. Lurz

By Robert W. Lurz

A entire exam of a hotly debated query proposes a brand new version for mindreading in animals and a brand new experimental approach.

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The “therapy” here involves working on the initial formulation in order to uncover the real problem or claim beneath. The sceptic’s challenge, and the search for foundations of knowledge, is one of many long-standing philosophical problems that result from confusions in our use of language, Wittgenstein holds. His concept of “grammar” is broader than the conventional one, which refers to the structure or syntax of language rather than its meaning or semantics. Grammarians or theoretical linguists investigate the grammars of particular natural languages.

4 But it also raises the question of Wittgenstein’s view of propositions, and whether the German word Satz should normally be translated as sentence or proposition – a dispute addressed in Ch. 6. On Certainty is thus centrally concerned with the meaning and use of Moorean propositions. E. Moore, neglected. 5 Wittgenstein insists that the meaning of “I know that the Earth has existed for a long ENDURING WITTGENSTEINIAN MOTIFS time” varies according to the context of use. When uttered in the twenty-first century, it is taken for granted and has no use in everyday discussion, he would hold.

Language-users are therefore often unable to state these rules, but show an implicit grasp of them in practical situations. ) Such rules do not anticipate or determine the language-game; they do not result from prior convention, but are constructions from linguistic practice. Wittgenstein uses the concept of a language-game in several different ways, to refer to: (1) Fictional examples of language use, that are simpler than our everyday language. He constructs artificial, circumscribed language-games, and examines them for insights into different characteristics of language.

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