Metaphor and Metonymy in Comparison and Contrast (Cognitive by Rene Dirven, Ralf Porings

By Rene Dirven, Ralf Porings

The ebook elaborates certainly one of Roman Jakobson's many marvelous principles, i.e. his perception that the 2 cognitive suggestions of the metaphoric and the metonymic are the end-points on a continuum of conceptualization approaches. This elaboration is completed at the heritage of Lakoff and Johnson's two-domain technique, i.e. the mapping of a resource onto a objective area of conceptualization. extra ways live on varied stretches of this metaphor-metonymy continuum. nonetheless different papers probe into the really expert conceptual department of work linked to either modes of inspiration. new breakthroughs within the cognitive linguistics method of metaphor and metonymy built lately; one is the three-domain strategy, which concentrates at the new blends that develop into attainable after the combination or the mixing of resource and objective area parts; the opposite is the strategy when it comes to basic scenes and subscenes which regularly confirm the way in which resource and goal domain names engage.

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Similarity connects a metaphorical term with the tenn for which it is substituted. Consequently, when constructing a metalanguage to interpret tropes, the researcher possesses more homogeneous means to handle metaphor, whereas metonymy, based on a different principle, easily defies interpretation. Therefore nothing comparable to the rich literature on metaphor8 can be cited for the theory of metonymy. For the same reason, it is generally realised that romanticism is closely linked with metaphor, whereas the equally intimate ties of realism with metonymy usually remain unnoticed.

Balazs, Theory ofthe Film (London, 1952). 4. For the psychological and sociological aspects of this dichotomy, see Bateson's views on "progressional" and "selective integration" and Parsons' on the "conjunction-disjunction dichotomy" in child development: J. Ruesch and o. Bateson, Communication, the Social Matrix of Psychiatry (New York, 1951), The metaphoric and metonymic poles 45 To indicate the possibilities of the projected comparative research, we choose an example from a Russian folktale which employs parallelism as a comic device: "Thomas is a bachelor; Jeremiah is unmarried" (Fomti xolost; Erjoma ne Zentit).

Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Lakoff, George 1990 The Invariance Hypothesis: Is abstract reason based on imageschemas? Cognitive Linguistics 1 (1): 39-74. Lakoff, George and Mark Johnson 1980 Metaphors We Live by. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1999 Philosophy in the Flesh: The Embodied Mind and its Challenges to Western Thought. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Lakoff, George and Zoltan Kovecses 1987 The cognitive model of anger inherent in American English. ), Cultural Models in Language and Thought, 195-221.

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