MATLAB Matrix Algebra by Cesar Lopez

By Cesar Lopez

MATLAB is a high-level language and surroundings for numerical computation, visualization, and programming. utilizing MATLAB, you could learn facts, increase algorithms, and create types and purposes. The language, instruments, and integrated math capabilities assist you discover a number of methods and achieve an answer speedier than with spreadsheets or conventional programming languages, akin to C/C++ or Java. MATLAB Matrix Algebra introduces you to the MATLAB language with useful hands-on directions and effects, permitting you to quick in achieving your pursuits. beginning with a glance at symbolic and numeric variables, with an emphasis on vector and matrix variables, you'll cross directly to learn services and operations that help vectors and matrices as arguments, together with these in keeping with analytic dad or mum features.

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Exist(A) Checks if the variable or function exists (returns 0 if A does not exist and a number between 1 and 5, depending on the type, if it does exist). any(V) Returns 0 if all elements of the vector V are null and returns 1 if some element of V is non-zero. any(A) Returns 0 for each column of the matrix A with all null elements and returns 1 for each column of the matrix A which has non-null elements. all(V) Returns 1 if all the elements of the vector V are non-null and returns 0 if some element of V is null.

1 Vectors and Matrices We have already seen how vectors and matrices are represented in MATLAB in the chapter dedicated to variables, however we shall recall here the notation. Consider the matrix æ a11 ç ç a21 A = ( Aij ) = ç a31 ç ç ça è m1 a12 a22 a32  am 2 a13 a23 a33  am 3      a1n ö ÷ a2 n ÷ a3 n ÷ , ÷  ÷ amn ÷ø i = 1, 2 , 3, ,m j = 1, 2 , 3, ,n. e. 2 Operations with Numeric Matrices MATLAB supports the most common matrix algebra operations (sum, difference, product, scalar product), provided the dimensionality conditions hold.

Isnumeric (V) Returns 1 if V is a numeric vector and 0 otherwise. ishold Returns 1 if the properties of the current graph are retained for the next graph and only new elements will be added and 0 otherwise. isieee Returns 1 if the computer is capable of IEEE standard operations. isstr (S) Returns 1 if S is a string and 0 otherwise. ischart (S) Returns 1 if S is a string and 0 otherwise. isglobal (A) Returns 1 if A is a global variable and 0 otherwise. isletter (S) Returns 1 if S is a letter of the alphabet and 0 otherwise.

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