Mastering ASP.NET with C[hash] by A Russell Jones

By A Russell Jones

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Personal home page ist die Abkürzung für "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor", eine Skriptsprache, die sich in HTML einbinden lässt. Viele der syntaktischen Möglichkeiten sind den Programmiersprachen C. Java und Perl entnommen und es wurden auch einige PHP-spezifische positive factors entwickelt. Das Ziel der Sprache ist es. das Schreiben von Programmen zur Erzeugung von dynamisch generierten Seiten zu erleichtem und zu beschleunigen.

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Combining slicing edge-science with thought-provoking discourses approximately morality, faith and the which means of lifestyles, Keith Ward offers a desirable tackle the technology as opposed to faith debate, delivering 'a 3rd manner' that's bound to spark debate for future years.

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Note that the font tag is deprecated, which means that you should avoid using it unless you have to, because the tag may not be supported in future versions. However, the tag is still necessary if you must write HTML for downlevel browsers (obsolete, but still in use), so I've included it here. At the end of the paragraph is a second, very short paragraph that contains only a single line:  . That stands for non-breaking space. The starting ampersand and the ending semicolon are required.

The heading commands separate and categorize sections of your documents. HTML also has rudimentary commands to format and display text, display images, accept input from users, and send information to a server for back-end processing. In addition, it lets you create special areas of text or images that, when clicked, jump— or hyperlink— from one HTML file to another, thus creating an interlinked series of pages. The series of pages you create via hyperlinks is a program; however, it isn't a program like the ones you'll learn to create in this book because a series of pages has no intelligence and makes no decisions.

In practice, there is some conceptual overlap between the two. g. com. htm file. Including Images on Your Web Site It's hard to imagine a Web site without images. It's also hard to imagine a much easier way to get images onto a page than using HTML. With very little effort, you can mix images and text and even wrap text around the images. All your image work begins with the image tag, discussed in the following section. The Image Tag To place an image on a page, you use an tag with an src=URL attribute that specifies which file you want to send.

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