Lyonesse Book I: Suldrun's Garden (Fantasy Masterworks 27) by Jack Vance

By Jack Vance

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Suldrun knew the way well enough: along the road to the first lane, left along the lane to the first cottage. She shyly pushed open the door, to find Ehirme sitting glumly at a table, paring turnips for the supper soup. Ehirme stared in astonishment. ” “I don’t like Dame Maugelin. ” “Ah, little princess, but that won’t do! Come, we must get you back before there’s an outcry. ” “Come then; quickly now. ” “Suldrun, my dearest, you must! You’re a royal princess, and you may never forget it! That means you do as you’re told.

Dame Maugelin was placed in an irksome predicament; if she admitted her incapacity, Dame Boudetta might put her to even less pleasant employment. So daily Dame Maugelin presented herself to Suldrun’s chambers, where Ehirme was already on hand. The two might or might not acknowledge her presence. Dame Maugelin, then, wearing a moony grin and looking in all directions at once, would wander about the room, pretending to put things to rights. At last she would advance upon Suldrun, in breezy and lightsome confidence.

Yes. Perhaps so. Let me cut the quill. There, just so. Now as to the A’s and G’s…” On the rainy morning when Suldrun went into the library for lessons, she found Master Jaimes already on hand, with a dozen quills cut and ready. ” “I will do my best,” said Suldrun. ” “This ink is black. ” “I have no white ink, nor yet black parchment. So now-” “Master Jaimes, this morning I wondered about colors. Where do they come from? ” Master Jaimes blinked and tilted his head to the side. “Colors? They exist.

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