Logic programming in Oz with Mozart by Van Roy P.

By Van Roy P.

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Initially released in 1981, this was once the 1st textbook on programming within the Prolog language and continues to be the definitive introductory textual content on Prolog. notwithstanding many Prolog textbooks were released considering that, this one has withstood the try out of time as a result of its comprehensiveness, educational method, and emphasis on normal programming functions.

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N" as its file path; z ["DB" : "user" : "password"]: a database with "DB", "user", "password" as its identifier, user name and password. The type of a pool is integer (int). That is, the handle of a data pool can be used as an integer. 2. Note that a text file pool should be distinguished from an included file. The latter always occurs alone as a statement while the former can be part of an integer expression (a pool handle) or part of a control such as dataconnection. Data Connection dataconnection poolhandle o | | | | | | | 2 m poolhandle poolhandle m 2 '2' m poolhandle poolhandle m '2' @ m poolhandle poolhandle m @ '@' m poolhandle poolhandle m '@' o int 3 Grammar and Semantics 55 Here, dataconnection is used to specify and control input and output pools.

Function Identifier Different from procedural languages, a function in NCL is logical. The function identifier ID itself is a variable and can be constrained internally to determine the type and value of the function. Externally it should be consistent with the whole constraint system. Argument Arguments are passed to a function by setting up unification relations over arguments between the caller and the receiving function. Global Variable Variables defined outside of a function are considered global to the function.

Strset is the set of candidate elements of strset. Reference Set Extraction refsetextract o Ǎref | refset | refset | Ǎrefset Ǎref represents the domain of reference ref. refset is the set of certainly accepted elements of the reference set refset. refset is the total set of all possible elements of refset. Ǎrefset is the set of candidate elements of refset. 1 gives some examples.

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