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3. Actual logging (formatting and writing to the output device). This is the cost of formatting the log output and sending it to its target destination. Here again, a serious effort was made to make layouts (formatters) perform as quickly as possible. The same is true for appenders. The typical cost of actually logging is about 100 to 300 microseconds. Logging for actual figures. Although feature-rich, one of the foremost design goals of log4j was speed of execution, a requirement which is second only to reliability.

You can instruct log4j to output internal debugging messages on the console. This is accomplished by the debug attribute within the element. org/log4j/'> ... dtd does not need to be placed in the same directory as the XML file. In fact, it does not need to be placed anywhere. jar and handed to the XML parser. If you are interested in the details, this is accomplished by setting the systemID in the InputSource11 object that is passed to the parse method of a valid DocumentBuilder12 instance.

This attribute controls the internal logging feature of log4j. The children of the element are discussed next. 48 • CHAPTER 3: CONFIGURATION SCRIPTS element: This element is empty; it has neither children nor body. However, it must contain two attributes : renderedClass and renderingClass both of which are required. Figure 3-3: The element. • element: This element admits two attributes name and class both of which are mandatory. The name attribute specifies the name of the appender whereas the class attribute specifies the fully qualified name of the class of which the named appender will be an instance.

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