Krishna Menon on Kashmir : speeches at United Nations by V K Krishna Menon; E S Reddy; A K Damodaran; Krishna

By V K Krishna Menon; E S Reddy; A K Damodaran; Krishna Menon National Memorial Committee

Speeches within the U.N. safety Council in 1957 and 1962.

summary: Speeches within the U.N. defense Council in 1957 and 1962

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Then we discuss D, everybody forgets A, B, C, and we are committed to course D. Therefore, I urge the Council to be extremely careful. However, suppose, for example, that that was the position. I ask my South American friends to think of the doctrine on which their countries are based. We were in possession legally and in fact. They were invaders, and they had no standing in international law or international practice or according to the Charter, other than as wanton, naked aggressors into the territory of India.

Therefore, if there had been no interruption by invasion, it is normal to conclude that a standstill agreement would have been concluded and that that standstill agreement would have included external affairs, control of State forces and of other matters which spring from the sovereignty of a country. I should like to say that there is nothing inconsistent in a State concluding a standstill agreement with two different countries, especially a State of this kind, where there were railway communications and postal communications with Pakistan.

She too was shot dead. “While this went on Mr G. Boretto, an Anglo-Indian, was killed in the garden before nine nuns. Then the nuns were lined up before a firing squad. ” – At least there are living features of human quality in these incidents. – “He had been told his men were raiding a Convent, and had run all the way from the town. That saved all our lives by a few seconds. “We did not find Mrs Dykes until the following day. , No. 27) We have another report, as follows: “A Pakistan Army convoy was sent to rescue us.

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