Kings and Priests by David R. High

By David R. High


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He indicated his desire to build God a house, but it wasn't meant to be. Solomon, David's son, was the one chosen to oversee the actual construction. David gathered all the chosen of Israel to reaffirm that Solomon was to build the house. After this announcement, David revealed his heart when he said, Now I have prepared with all my might for the house of my God... (I Chronicles 29:2a). It was David himself, not Solomon, who had set aside all the gold, silver, timber, stone, brass, etc. necessary to build the temple (I Chronicles 29:2b).

Once again, I viewed this as apathy. I tried every trick I knew to inspire, motivate, even manipulate the saints into action. One thing that never occurred to me, however, was that my congregation simply didn't have a clear understanding of the big picture—the vision God was giving to me. Rather, I preached inspiring and anointed messages. These were disjointed, unrelated, standalone masterpieces that were jerking the people in this direction and that. There were no clearly defined, biblically based goals to be the signposts or to give direction and coordination to my anointed ramblings on subject after subject.

Nothing will deter them in their quest for covenant living. But somehow, when it comes to money, the message and motive seem to get blurred. What is the proper response? Should we stand as firmly, fighting by faith to acquire money as we do to acquire healing or to appropriate forgiveness? After all, God's word says in I Tim. " But let's delve a little further. In Matt. 25:14-30, Jesus taught a parable of the three stewards. To refresh your memory, one was given five talents, one was given two talents, and the last one was given one talent.

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