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Java Programming for Kids, Parents and Grandparents 35 It’s time to reveal a secret – all classes in Java are inherited from the super-duper class Object, regardless if you do use the word extends or not. But Java classes can not have two separate parents. If this would happen with people, kids would not be subclasses of their parents, but all the boys would descendents of Adam, and all the girls descendents of Eve J. Not all pets can dive, but fish certainly can. Let’s add a new method dive() to the class Fish now.

If an expression returns true, JVM will execute the code between the first curly braces, otherwise it goes to the the code after else statement. For example, if a price is more than a hundred dollars, give a 20% discount, otherwise take only 10% off. sleep(); } } Run this program and it’ll print the following: Diving for 2 feet I'm at 2 feet below the sea level Diving for 97 feet I'm at 99 feet below the sea level I am a little fish and can't dive below 100 feet Good night, see you tomorrow Java Programming for Kids, Parents and Grandparents 43 Logical Operators Sometimes, to make a decision you may need to check more than one conditional expression, for example if the name of the state is Texas or California, add the state tax to the price of every item in the store.

Even though these copies represent the same class, they may have different values in their attributes - some of them are blue, while others are silver, and so on. In other words, a program may create multiple instances of the GameBoyAdvance objects. Java Programming for Kids, Parents and Grandparents 25 Data Types Java variables represent attributes of a class, method arguments or could be used inside the method for a short-time storage of some data. Variables have to be declared first, and only after this is done you can use them.

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