Java 7 Recipes - A Problem-Solution Appr. by J. Juneau, et. al.,

By J. Juneau, et. al.,

Java EE 7 Recipes takes an example-based technique in displaying the best way to application company Java purposes in lots of various situations. Be it a small-business internet program, or an company database software, Java EE 7 Recipes offers powerful and confirmed suggestions to complete as regards to any job that you could be come upon. you could think convinced utilizing the trustworthy strategies which are validated during this e-book on your own or company atmosphere.

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The result will be zero if both Strings are lexicographically equal to each other. println("One is equal to var1 using compareTo()"); } Inevitably, many applications contain code that must compare Strings at some level. The next time you have an application that requires String comparison, consider the information discussed in this recipe before you write the code. 2-3. Trimming Whitespace Problem One of the Strings you are working with contains some whitespace on either end. You would like to get rid of that whitespace.

It is my favorite language. Java 6 is the 6th version of this great programming language. How It Works The replaceAll() method of the Matcher object makes it easy to find and replace a String or portion of String that is contained within a body of text. compile() method. Use the resulting Pattern object to obtain a Matcher object by calling its matcher() method. matcher(str); Once you have obtained a Matcher object, call its replaceAll() method by passing a String that you want to use to replace all the text that is matched by the compiled pattern.

You would like to get rid of that whitespace. 29 CHAPTER 2 ■ STRINGS Solution Use the String trim() method to eliminate the whitespace. In the following example, a sentence is printed including whitespace on either side. The same sentence is then printed again using the trim() method to remove the whitespace so that the changes can be seen. String myString = " This is a String that contains whitespace. trim()); "; The output will print as follows: This is a String that contains whitespace. This is a String that contains whitespace.

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