Is There Hope for Uncle Sam? by Jan Nederveen

By Jan Nederveen

For over a century now, the US has ruled international politics and the worldwide imagination. Yet because the buck declines, inequality raises, charges of intake are remarkable and American unilateralism comes lower than hearth, such hegemony is more and more unsustainable. In this provocative new ebook, best sociologist Jan Nederveen Pieterse asks no matter if it’s attainable for the United States to chart a unique course. In this e-book, he argues that correcting the process decline may suggest taking drastic steps. Only a reinvention of recent Deal politics may possibly deal with social inequality, whereas repositioning itself in global politics might suggest adopting actual multilateralism.

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S. ’3 Whether one consults census data, congressional budget office reports, policy reports, or economic and sociological studies, they Odd Numbers  all echo the same findings of a sharp increase in social inequality since about 1980. Since 1975 almost all income gains in the United States have gone to the top 20 percent of income earners. Since 1979 the income of the top 1 percent of American income earners has tripled while the bottom 40 percent has seen its income rise by 13 percent. 4 percent in 2005.

Charlotte Beers, the ‘queen of branding’ from a major Madison Avenue firm, and then Margaret Tutwiler, a former US ambassador to Morocco, and Karen Hughes, a Bush confidante and former White House communications director, were appointed under­ secretary of state for public diplomacy and charged with selling the image of the US abroad and especially in the Middle East. ’55 And it’s precisely the policies that are not under discussion. ’ As Naomi Klein comments, ‘the misunderstanding probably stemmed from the fact that Beers views America’s tattered international image as little more than a communications problem.

A Rambo script. The Defense Department and Hollywood are the country’s main purveyors of myths of nationhood. After September 11 their cooperation intensified. ’29 The Pentagon hired PR firm the Rendon Group to explain Iraq war operations to the American public, and the Lincoln Group to disseminate information to Iraqis. Donald Rumsfeld ordered an Information Operations Roadmap to coordinate military psychological operations, information operations, and public affairs programs. Part of this is stage-managing stories such as the rescue of Private Jessica Lynch.

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