Investig. of Nucl Struct, Reactions via Complex Projectiles

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In this work the a-particle singles data were not recorded, thus the number of a-particles was estimated from the beam current and the estimated cross sections. The extracted lifetime as a function of Pt_-is shown in Fig. 15. The thick line represents the most likely values and the thin lines give our estimate of the uncertainty of the this measurement. If one assumes that PK for the fusion trajectory is 1/2 of the value for the scattered trajectory, then the best estimate for the mean lifetime of the selected a-particle emitting states is _ 6 x 10-1_ s, as indicated by the arrows on Fig.

An average shift of 310 keV is observed. "),-rays, then E" can be set equal to E_em (obtained from the four proton energies by energy conservation). In the earlier work differences in the proton spectra were seen only when the gating transitions had spins 14+ or higher for the bands 4 and 7 ( see decay scheme in Fig. 2). In order to demonstrate the power of the total spectroscopy, we show in Fig. 19 (solid lines) a contour plot of E_em vs. y for gating on 4 protons and on the 2+ _ 0+ transition in e2Sr.

3]. In this study, we detected light charged particles in 4_" with the Dwarf Ball. Evaporation residue 3,-ray fold distributions in coincidence with discrete 3' transitions in the exit channel products were obtained with the Spin Spectrometer, in conjunction with an array of 18 Comptom-suppressed Ge detectors that replaced 18 elements of the Spectrometer. Using the above setup, excitation functions were also measured for both reactions in a second experiment. Here we will concentrate only on preliminary results obtained at 55 MeV of_ excitation energy.

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