Interfacing with C++: Programming Real-World Applications by Dr. Jayantha Katupitiya, Mr. Kim Bentley (auth.)

By Dr. Jayantha Katupitiya, Mr. Kim Bentley (auth.)

This ebook is for those that have an interest in studying and exploring digital interfacing in addition to C++ programming in a potential and relaxing method. Readers will learn how to application a computer to do real-world issues - now not easily quantity crunching and snap shots. they are going to additionally grasp find out how to write courses that engage with real-world units by utilizing a specially-developed interface circuit board incorporated with the ebook. The booklet, interface board and accompanying software program include basic and easy-to-understand initiatives equivalent to digital-to-analog conversion, analog to electronic conversion, DC and Stepper motor regulate, temperature and voltage dimension, PC-based timing, or simple info acquisition. The viewers of this leading edge and profitable method of examine interfacing real-world units to a working laptop or computer through C++ are undergraduate and graduate scholars in engineering and technology, training engineers/scientists, technical staff, and hobbyists. the kinds of classes the booklet enhances contain regulate engineering, electronics, computing, and mechatronics.

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2. When the Driver input is driven to a low voltage level, the corresponding output pin connection path to GND will become highly resistive. This reduces current flow through the LED and resistor to extremely low levels and extinguishes the glow of the LED. 2 LED Operation A minimum amount of current needs to flow through a light emitting diode (LED) for it to light. LEDs, like most diodes, conduct significant levels of current in one direction only during normal operation. The current flows from the anode (denoted by a triangle) to the cathode (denoted by a bar) as shown in Figure 3-8.

In other words, the value of InputPort1 is Exclusive-ORed with the filter value and then this result is stored back into the InputPort1 variable. The printf() statement then prints the compensated value on the screen. As a result, the number appearing on the screen should represent the actual signal levels connected on the interface board. 7 Summary In this chapter we have explained the operation of the interface board power supply, port interface, and LED Driver circuits. These circuits allow the parallel port of the PC to interface with the interface board and test operation of programs.

X Power supply, port interface, logic buffers and driving LEDs. x C-style programming to use the entire parallel port. 1 Introduction The aim of this chapter is to develop software that will enable us to see the basic input/output operations when using the parallel port of your PC. Program operation is verified using a simple test circuit with LEDs as indicators. Operation of the onboard power supply, parallel port interface and LED Driver circuits is explained before directing the reader to build these circuits.

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