Inquiry, Logic, and International Politics by Benjamin A. Most

By Benjamin A. Most

By using good judgment, simulation, and empirical facts, Benjamin A. such a lot and Harvey Starr increase and reveal a nuanced and extra acceptable conceptualization of rationalization in diplomacy and international coverage in Inquiry, common sense, and overseas Politics. They reveal hindrance with the logical underpinnings of study increases a sequence of theoretical, conceptual, and epistemological matters that has to be addressed if concept and learn layout are to satisfy the demanding situations of cumulation within the examine of diplomacy (or any sector of social science). The authors argue for realizing the severe, but refined, interaction of the weather with a examine triad composed of concept, common sense, and technique.

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If any fall the enterprise fails. In this sense no element is more important than any other. While the feedback loop image implies a beginning point for research (if not an end-point), the juggler image makes it clear that international relations scholars do not come to their research de novo. , does exist. If, however, the triad consists of logic as well as theory and methodology, lack of cumulative progress may be explained by the failure to keep the logic leg successfully in the air with the other two (or that many scholars juggle only two elements, and thus cannot "succeed").

As we started to deal with the research process from a logic of inquiry perspective, initially the most obvious flaws appeared to be in the interpretation and analysis cluster. 1. Depictions of the Research Process Theory and Hypothesis Hunch, Observation Problemation Variable and Unit Specification Data Collection From Gurr (1972:16) Interpretation of Results Operationalization Data Analysis Map of the research process in politimetrics. Application PartV Formulation Part II HYPOTHESIS \ / THEORY Approach Parti OBSERVATION abstraction abstraction GENERALIZATION Testing Part IV From Raymond (1975:42) Instrumentation Part III 16 INQUIRY, LOGIC AND INTERNATIONAL POLITICS But as our analysis deepened we found that the flaws in analysis and interpretation derived from and were magnified by logical problems in the other clusters of activities.

Because international conflict and war are used as the primary illustrations in the following chapters, a broad overview of the conflict literature will also be useful to the reader. While the amount of research and commentary in the area of international conflict and war continues to expand (as it does in international political economy, transnationalism, and integration), the student of conflict has received little help in making sense of this vast literature. While the sophistication of specific models or theories in international relations—including the causes and processes of international conflict—also increases, there have been very few attempts to provide conceptually useful devices for organizing and integrating these literatures.

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