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investors negotiating foreign distribution agreements locate the duty a lot more uncomplicated in the event that they use uniform principles. to satisfy this desire, ICC has released a revised set of its uniform contractual principles, the ICC version Distributorship Contract. the foundations practice to agreements lower than which the vendors act both as dealers and resellers or as importers who arrange distribution in the rustic during which they function.

the principles incorporated within the agreement are either versatile and basic. If events haven't any have to draw up a particular agreement in their personal, they could use the complete version, which has been drafted to guarantee stability for each side.

Concise and functional, the ICC version Distributorship Contract is an valuable device for firms engaged in foreign exchange and their legal professionals. It consists of the authority of ICC, the association that pioneered many of the fundamental ideas and mechanisms on the center of foreign exchange.

An ICC companies ebook, disbursed via Kluwer legislations foreign

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4 The Franchisee shall achieve the following Gross Sales as indicated in Annex 9 in the first year following the Effective Date. For each subsequent year, the parties shall agree on sales requirements; failing such an agreement the sales requirements shall be modified according to the average modification of all franchisees for the respective year. 5 Should the Franchisee fail to meet the above-mentioned sales requirements, the Franchisor will at its own discretion be entitled either to terminate this Contract for breach of contract pursuant to Article 26, or – if an exclusive territory has been granted under Article 7, to cancel the exclusivity, or to reduce the extension of the Territory.

1 above. 3 The parties hereby agree that the violation of the provisions under Articles ................. 31 of the present Contract is to be considered a prima facie evidence of a substantial breach of the Contract. Moreover, any violation of the contractual obligations may be considered a substantial breach if such violation is repeated notwithstanding a request by the other party to fulfil the Contract obligations. 4 The parties agree that the following situations shall be inter alia considered as exceptional circumstances which justify the earlier termination by the other party: bankruptcy, moratorium, receivership, liquidation or any kind of arrangement between debtor and creditors, or any other circumstances which are likely to affect substantially that party’s ability to carry out its obligations under this Contract.

Place) ......................... (country) shall have exclusive jurisdiction. 1 The English text of this Contract is the only one to be considered as official. 2 Recitals and Annexes to this Contract form an integral part of it. 3 This Contract supersedes all previous understandings, whether oral or in writing, between the parties on the same subject. 4 Any amendment to this Contract shall be in writing. 5 The ICC Force Majeure clause 2003 is incorporated by reference into this Contract35. 6 If any of the provisions of this Contract are found to be null and void, the remaining provisions of this Contract shall remain valid and shall continue to bind the parties, unless it can be concluded from the circumstances that, in the absence of the provision(s) found to be null and void, the parties would not have concluded the present Contract.

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