Hong Kong's Tortuous Democratization: A Comparative Analysis by Ming Sing

By Ming Sing

This e-book increases attention-grabbing questions on the method of democratization in Hong Kong. It asks why democracy has been see you later behind schedule whilst Hong Kong's point of socio-economic improvement has turn into so excessive. It relates democratization in Hong Kong to wider reports of the democratization procedure somewhere else, and it vitamins the obtained knowledge - that democracy used to be not on time due to colonial rule and via the competition of China - with new pondering, for instance, that its quasi-bureaucratic authoritarian political constitution vested strength in bureaucrats who refused to have top-down democratization; a politically susceptible civil society and a non-participant political tradition that crippled bottom-up democratization; plus the department among pro-democratic civil society and political society.

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The situation demands great Why was Hong Kong an anomaly before 1984? 37 realism in all our thinking . . Hong Kong cannot afford the luxury of making mistakes, and particularly of well-meant mistakes, in any of its policies. : 64) Stark geo-political reality reminded the Hong Kong Government that it could hardly risk provoking China to adopt serious retaliatory measures. Such measures were envisaged as likely by at least some Hong Kong Governors and Unofficials if they implemented the proposed blueprints of gradual democratization.

Nevertheless, the proposed reforms were all shelved in 1952. 11 With 98 percent of Hong Kong’s population being Chinese, predominantly governed by British colonial officials, in an international climate of anti-colonialism, and with its overwhelming dependence on the supply of food, water, and many raw materials from China,12 plus their adjoining geographical relationship, a risk-averse, survival-oriented approach was extremely noticeable in Hong Kong (Wong, 1980: 64). To survive, the Hong Kong Government had always to be alert to the views of China, as stated by the former Governor, Sir David Trench: Every single policy – social, political or economic – is colored by China’s nearness, China’s attitudes, and the consequent difficulty of being certain of an assured future .

Case studies is enhanced, however, if the cases are, or turn out to be, extreme on one of the variables: such studies can also be labeled “crucial experiments” or crucial tests of the propositions” (Lijphart, 1971: 692). In Hong Kong, despite an extremely high level of income per capita, abundant educational opportunities, a high degree of urbanization and flourishing mass communications, full democracy is expected still to be absent by 2007. This case study will examine how and why modernization theory has been contradicted in Hong Kong, and try to infer theoretical implications.

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