Home applications and games for the Atari home computers : by Timothy P Banse

By Timothy P Banse

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Read Online or Download Home applications and games for the Atari home computers : for the Atari 400/800, 600XL, 800XL, 1200XL, 1400XL, and 1450XLD home computers PDF

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They may come in very handy in case of sudden illness. If a family member suffers a severe allergic reaction, the emergency room staff may need to know the current medications the injured person has been taking. Will you be able to provide this information in the high stress environment of a trauma center? In another instance, you may need only to provide a printout of Grandma Shelly's file to make the doctor's job easier. The personal computer will make the collecting and sorting of such medical information easy, through writing to cassette tape or disk.

At the start, you have a menu giving two choices. 1. Read an existing record. 2. Create a record. Since we don't have any medical records yet, we'll ENTER a "2". That done, the screen clears and prints the Medical Form. At each question mark prompt, enter the appropriate information: Name, Date of Birth, Known Allergies, and so on. " That's the cue to: 1. Load a blank, rewound cassette. 26 Medical History 2. Press the PLAY and RECORD buttons on the 410 Recorder. 3. Hit RETURN. 4. Wait, patiently, while the program saves the data to tape.

Line 270 chooses a random number between 0 and 9. Lines 290 38 Beowulf versus Grendel through 380 take the random number and give it a plus or minus value, then assign that value to the variable POS. Line 400 takes the value stored in POS and adds it to Grendel's current position (RED). If POS is a negative number, Grendel moves to the left; if positive, to the right. Lines 410 through 450 compare Beowulf's horizontal position (YELLOW), to Grendel's. If the difference is more than 15, move Grendel closer to Beowulf.

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