High Resolution Spectral Atlas of Nitrogen Dioxide 559–597 by Kiyoji Uehara Ph.D., Hiroyuki Sasada Ph.D. (auth.)

By Kiyoji Uehara Ph.D., Hiroyuki Sasada Ph.D. (auth.)

Nitrogen dioxide (N0 ) is infamous for its advanced seen spectrum and has 2 annoyed many chemists and physicists. regardless of their severe investigations the molecule nonetheless resists entire research of its spectrum. due to the excessive density of strains, it truly is obvious that high-resolution measurements are necessary to an intensive realizing of the spectrum. the key a part of this booklet involves an atlas, defined in Chap. 2, of the absorption spectrum and the Stark modulation spectrum of N0 mea­ 2 sured utilizing a cw dye laser. The slender spectral width in addition to the large test diversity of the dye laser made it attainable to checklist the spectra contin­ uously over a variety with Doppler-limited solution. within the spectral variety 16751-17885 em-I, approximately 13300 peaks were saw within the absorption spectrum and their wave numbers, calibrated opposed to Ar strains, are indexed within the tables. The Stark modulation spectrum additionally proven presents priceless information regarding the strength point constructions complementary to that got from the absorption spectrum.

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