Head & Neck Surgery - Otolaryngology by Byron J., Md. Bailey (Editor), Karen H., Md. Calhoun

By Byron J., Md. Bailey (Editor), Karen H., Md. Calhoun

Фундаментальная книга по оториноларингологии.

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The muscular wall of the pharynx with its thin covering of buccal pharyngeal or visceral fascia is separated from the prevertebral fascia by an area of loose connective tissue that constitutes the retropharyngeal space. Nasopharynx The nasal part of the pharynx, the nasopharynx, is continuous anteriorly through the choana with the nasal cavities (Fig. 15). The floor is the upper surface of the soft palate. The fornix or roof, the mucosa of which is attached close to the base of the skull, slopes downward and backward to become continuous with the posterior wall.

See Fig. ) (Reprinted from McKee P, duVivier A. RMDUL-Atlas of clinical dermatology. ) COLOR PLATE 98. Lentigo senilis. (See Fig. ) (Reprinted from McKee P, duVivier A. RMDUL-Atlas of clinical dermatology. ) COLOR PLATE 99. Nevus of Ota. (See Fig. ) (Reprinted from McKee P, duVivier A. RMDUL-Atlas of clinical dermatology. ) COLOR PLATE 100. Nevus of Ota involving sclera. (See Fig. ) (Reprinted from McKee P, duVivier A. RMDUL-Atlas of clinical dermatology. ) COLOR PLATE 101. Blue nevus. (See Fig.

1, Levator palpebrae superioris muscle; 2, superior oblique muscle; 3, superior rectus muscle; 4, optic nerve; 5, lateral rectus muscle; 6, inferior rectus muscle; 7, inferior oblique muscle; 8, medial rectus muscle; 9, trochlea; 10, annular tendon. The primary blood supply to the orbit is through the ophthalmic artery. The primary drainage is through the ophthalmic vein, which drains directly into the cavernous sinus. An additional anastomotic network is present on the anterior aspect of the face in the form of an arcade of vessels around the eyelids and through the pterygoid plexus.

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