He who laughs-- lasts-- and lasts-- and lasts-- : developing by Roy H Hicks

By Roy H Hicks

He Who Laughs...Lasts...and Lasts...and Lasts

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If the Father were to ask. " Being able to laugh with God also suggests that we are acquainted with His promises. Yes, there are thousands of them given to us to meet every need and to fit every occasion. The next time a need arises, don't confess the disheartening circumstances with which you are surrounded, but rather quote one of the promises and laugh at the situation that comes against you. One of the most trying things that most people face is their great concern for loved ones, especially when the loved ones do not seem to respond to prayer and witnessing, but instead seem to become more lethargic and spiritually unresponsive.

A merry heart is not a natural heart . . it takes conscious effort to keep it merry. Toy is one of the fruits of the Spirit which needs to be cultivated. Tesus had much to say about joy and the fullness of joy. May this book serve to remind you that believers can rejoice . . " Joy is tied into faith in Philippians 1:25 and to hope in Romans 15:13. Being happy, glad, and joyful is a good thermometer of one's faith in God. Kenneth Hagin, a great man of faith, has so many wonderful experiences that prove this to be correct.

We have a different citizenship, better passports, perfect security. We have changed governments and have a new King ... His name is Jesus. He is eternal, He is immortal, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. His kingdom is one of light and not darkness. His kingdom is one of love and not hate, one of healing and not suffering. When we realize who we are ... joint heirs with the heir of all ages, one who has given us His own name, His own power and His own authority, one who has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus .

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