Greek ideals; a study of social life by Cecil Delisle Burns

By Cecil Delisle Burns

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They were the embodiment of Indeed the Roman word for man's attitude fixity. towards them, "religio," whatever its derivation, an established ritual rather than the good-fellowship of the Athenian worship. Any such abrupt contrasts must undoubtedly be indicates the rigidity of unfair to the many excellent elements in the Hebrew Roman religion: but even allowing for we may assert that only in Athenian religion and the these, could one find such openness of mind as made it possible for philosophy to flourish and develop so rapidly.

Some unAlready one might begin to feel that a further but canny power was being recognized ; element was added to the character of the festival by 1 On the day of Pots, sacrifice the Underworld and to of was made made and cooked of all was mixture Dionysus; a enclosed in a pot and was which sorts of seeds, the ceremony of Pots. to Hermes Dionysus and Hermes, in behalf of the dead. This part of the festival is, indeed the Anthesteria perhaps, the oldest; and may have been a feast of All Souls before Dionysus was conceived.

And it must not be imagined that we can put aside this process of symbolic personification as worthless because we can treat Britannia, for example, as a poetic fiction, and satisfy ourselves by remarking that a nation is not a person. It is mythology to speak of the life or the character of a nation but it is legi; we know what we are doing; and it is undoubtedly effective. So even for a modern thinker timate, if it is impossible lightly to pass over the magnificent hypothesis which is Athena.

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