Grandmaster Secrets: Winning Quickly at Chess by John Nunn

By John Nunn

During this significantly instructive and pleasing paintings, John Nunn selects one hundred twenty five of the best brief decisive grandmaster video games of the trendy era.

For a grandmaster to lose a video game in 25 strikes or fewer takes whatever precise, and membership gamers can research greatly from learning those miniatures. each one of those video games is a real conflict, with the outcome usually unsure until eventually close to the very finish of the struggle.

Nunn identifies the most typical factors of the blunders that bring about the loser's loss of life, and the way possible search to take dramatic benefit of the opponent's dicy or defective play. In his thought-provoking prolonged creation, he explains that during many situations, the matter used to be of a mental nature: usually the loser fails to simply accept that occasions haven't spread out based on plan, and therefore steers into the reefs whilst there has been nonetheless time to go for more secure waters.

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Xd7 . As 2 l . 'it'c6 22 lt:Jb5 is decisive. tbS+ This is currently thought to be the sternest test of the Modem Benoni, although it is an op­ tion only available in move-orders without an early lt:Jf3 . '£' A W 8 4Jfd7 9 a4 ••• The most flexible line; White waits for . . a6 before deciding where to put the bishop. De­ pending on Black's exact moves, the destina­ tion could be f1 , e2 or d3, or White might even exchange on d7. 0-0 9 . . lli'h4+ 10 g3 "fie7 is another possibility. 10 lt:Jf3 lt:Ja6 11 0-0 lt:Jc7 1 1 .

Vd7 GAME 8: EVGENY VASIUKOV - DRAGOUUB VELIMIROVIC 35 Or 1 5 . . �d8 1 6 'ii'x b3 l:tb8 1 7 ti:Je7 ! and Black's position collapses. xa6 gives White the advantage thanks to his active rooks and two connected passed pawns. 15 e5 ! ad1 1-0 ••• Game 8 Evgeny Vasi u kov - Dragolj ub Vel i m i rovic USSR - Yugoslavia ma tch, Tbilisi 1 9 73 Sici l i a n Defence, Rosso l i mo Va riation It only seems fair to give Vasiukov's revenge ! xc6 One of the two main moves in this position, the other being 4 0-0.

Game 1 6 Boris Spassky - Bent La rsen Bugojno 1 9 78 Caro- Ka n n Defence, 4 . . d3 12 g3 An unusual plan. White almost always plays h4, either here or on the previous move, in order to gain space on the kingside. c5? 7 .. Va5+?! 7 ... d6 (or 9 . e7) the position is equal. f4. 1 2 . . ti:Jdf6 ! f4 can be met by 1 3 . '�a5+) 1 3 . . d6 would have been much better; White retains slight pressure, but Black will be able to develop his remaining pieces by . . ti:Jh6-f5, with reasonable play. d2 "Wtc7 Black's idea is that because White's queen is no longer guarding the d3-bishop, White is more or less forced to exchange bishops him­ self.

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