French Weights and Measures before the Revolution: A by Ronald Edward Zupko

By Ronald Edward Zupko

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Méth. 124-167, Gattey 1. 101-200, Gerhardt 62, 247, Grivel 15, Guilhiermoz 2. 19-20, Jenkin V, Lauradoux 9 -11, Martini 97, 202, 243, 269, 272, 338, 391, 466, 572, 693, Mauricet 23—26, Nicholson 203, Noback 428, 503, 566, 640, Palethorpe 8, and Simencourt 21, 26). 569 m) at Nice, 6 p a n s . 717 m) at St. 680 m) at Senseille. 793 m) at Troyes, 351^^0 Parisian lignes. 537 m) at Barr. 170 m) at Marseille. 866 m) at Montpellier. 326 m) at Sancerre. 327 m) at Laimion. 192 m) at Chartres. 353 m) at Douamenez, St.

250 Litres. 1865 Bourquelot 78: Le Bichet . . c’est, sous un autre nom et pour des Ueux différents, la même mesure que le minot 18^3 Martini 272: [Lyon] Bichet (Boisseau) . . 34,277270 litri. 1896 Klimpert 30: Bichet . . ein franz. Kommass, Scheffel. 1901 Godefroy sv bichot: Bichet, mesure de grain. 1903 Thoison 342: b i c h e t . . A Montereau, le bichet de plâtre contenait 25 htres 72 environ. 1904 Bailly 235: Pas plus que l’emine, le bichet ne figure dans le système de Char­ lemagne.

B ic h o n e b ic h o n a ta . b ic h o n é e — 4 L bichona (Godefroy); 4-9 bichone [der of b i c h e t ; see b i c h e r é e , b i c h e t é e , b i c h e t t e , b i c h o n é e ]. a m-a for land of un­ determined origin, size, and location (Godefroy sv). b i c h o n é e — 5 L bichonata (Godefroy); 6-9 bichonée [der of b i c h o n e ; see BICHERÉE, b i c h e t é e , b i c h e t t e ]. a m-a for land of undetermined origin, size, and location ( Godefroy sv ). b ic h o n e b ic h o t . BICHET — 6-9 bidon [see citation].

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