Four secret weapons-- for believers only by Richard Roberts

By Richard Roberts

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And I believe it illustrates how important it is for us TO STICK LIKE GLUE TO OUR SWORDS OF THE SPIRIT! It's the story of a brutal fight between David's men and the heavily armed soldiers of the Philistines. The Bible declares that one of David's men battled so fiercely against the enemy that his hands literally stuck to his sword! DAVID'S MEN BROUGHT THE PHILISTINE WARRIORS TO THEIR KNEES! I tell you, you 've also got to stick like glue to your sword of the Spirit! Not only that, but, spiritually speaking, you've also got to use that sword TO CUT THE DEVIL DOWN TO SIZE!

You see, without God, we cannot, but without us, He will not. Friend, are you waiting for something "magical" to happen before you act on your faith? Faith is not sitting alone in the dark with your arms folded, waiting for God to sweep down from Heaven and drop a miracle on your doorstep! Faith is when YOU DO SOMETHING! It's when you launch out into the deep waters of life for a catch! It's when you plunge through the great throng of bystanders to touch the hem of Jesus' garment! " You've got to act on your faith!

Praise God, that means they put the devil on the run! Friend, when you've got that kind of faith, you can run through a troop and jump over a wall! You can hurtle yourself out of the deepest pit! You can race like the wind against all the chariots of the enemy! IN THE NAME OF JESUS, IT'S WHAT YOU WERE BORN FOR! I TELL YOU, IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO STAKE OUT YOUR CLAIM ON THE PROMISED LAND! Chapter 2 THE ARMOR OF GOD Shake Those Mothballs Off Your Holy Ghost Armor, And Put It On! Monday morning dawns, and many Christians draw back the curtains and gasp, "Oh, the sun is up again!

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