Foundations of Java for ABAP Programmers by ALISTAIR ROONEY


The one starting e-book of its type, this publication will educate you SAP/ABAP builders the abilities you wish for Java five programming. The publication emphasizes the basics of center Java SE five and Java EE five, to get you in control with those applied sciences. YouТll know about crucial company Java API present in the hot Java EE five platform, which you could instantly use and combine. moreover, the publication elaborates on connecting to a database, SAP Java Connector, servlets, Java Server Pages, firm JavaBeans, and Java Messaging.

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Note In Java 5 the tag functionality has been extended. We’ll look at this more in Lesson 25, which discusses Enterprise JavaBeans. qxd 2/22/06 4:50 PM LESSON Page 19 5 ■■■ Naming Standards and Conventions W hen talking about naming standards in Java, there are two distinct topics to discuss. The first is the legality of the name—will the compiler allow the name—and the second is popular convention. The latter will not give you a compiler problem, but it will earn you a sharp smack upside the head from your team leader or fellow developers.

Notice the use of /* to start the comment and */ to end the comment. You can use this form of commenting for a single line, but Java also provides for this with line comments. qxd 18 2/22/06 4:49 PM Page 18 LESSON 4 ■ COMMENTS Line Comments Line comments allow you to comment a line, or part of a line. This is very similar to the double quote symbol used in ABAP. Here’s an example: int myVariable = 0; // Initialize myVariable to zero. // Now initialize the other variable. 45f; The two different methods are shown in the preceding example.

If the number of columns is identical in each row, we have a rectangular 2-D Array. If they are not equal, we have what is called a staggered Array. ) Array. This means that for each element in the primary array, there is another entire array that is five elements long. That’s all I want to say about Arrays for now. Let’s move on to other Collections. The Vector Class The Java Collections can be seen more clearly in Figure 10-1, which is from Sun. Figure 10-1.

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