Flash MX Application & Interface Design: Data delivery, by Pete Aylward, Ken Jokol, Jamie Macdonald, Paul Prudence,

By Pete Aylward, Ken Jokol, Jamie Macdonald, Paul Prudence, Glen Rhodes, Robbie Shepherd, Todd Yard

The days of Flash as an inventive luxurious are gone. After months of downsizing, Flash creativity has been on an important explanation application. it truly is now not sufficient to provide animation in hundreds of thousands of colours and 100 transparencies. it truly is not adequate to supply interactivity and dynamism for his or her personal sake.

The function of this assortment is to teach how designers have taken Flash and made it paintings for its supper. What we find is a sequence of creations that position Flash on the hub of leading edge internet content.

The consequence is a image of Flash because the perfect medium.

In those impressive examples, we see the software program driven to its limits to create unbeatable applications—a collapsible genealogy, an interactive video studying method, and a drawing software, in a position to working online!

Beyond this, we dip into the back-end services to examine find out how to increase Flash nonetheless additional. a few staple XML and personal home page workouts are introduced in so as to add just a little spice, whereas Flash's mysterious sharedObject command is hunted down and tamed to create a hybrid Tamagotchi houseplant—perfectly fitted to trap surfers again on your website!

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Try experimenting with different values in the conf array to see the vast range of geometrically exact and interesting shapes that arise. 41 Within our onRelease function and after the setting of our configuration variables, we've asked Flash to unload the JPG using the unloadMovie method and clear the jpgframe movie clip using the clear method. We've set the visibility of _root. dial to tiUe ready for the next instance of redrawing the 'hand' and we've also set our label's contents to equal empty strings, thereby removing all our content from the stage ready for the interface to be re-built to its newly selected configuration - and this we've done by simply instructing Flash to gotoAndPlay(2).

The final parameter, kolor, is used to affect the final output color of the shape when the drawShape method is invoked. Note the use of this to define the scope within which the shape is drawn - it will be drawn inside the movie clip from which the drawShape method is invoked (or if called upon in the main timeline the shape will be drawn at the _root level). We will see how the newly defined drawShape method works in detail when we come to invoke it later in the second frame. The actual drawing of the shape is performed by the curveTo drawing method, which has four parameters.

The next few tines of code in this block are responsible for the rendering of the 'hand' of the dial that points to the size label. Inside a freshly created movie clip called indial a 1 pixel thick tine is drawn from a center point and outwards towards a position relative to the size label - the end result is an animated hand that points to the size label. The tine _root. sizelabel. insidesize. text = _root. sise; populates the text field with the value _root. sise - this value is derived from our dimensional array, as we will see later.

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