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In such cases use the higher strength fasteners hardened and tempered at 515°F or consult NAVSEA (see warning). WARNING Condition H for Alloys 410 and 416 represents different strength levels in MIL-S-1222 revisions G and H. The actual strength level of fasteners can be determined by their marking. A problem arises if drawings refer to MIL-S1222 Alloy 410 H (or 416 H) and do not identify either the specification revision or the strength level required. 3 Marking Locations. 075-3-1. 1 Fastener Part Numbers.

1 Replacement Steel Socket Head Cap Screws. Replacement steel socket head cap screws shall be in accordance with National Aerospace Standard (NAS) 1351 and NAS 1352 when available. 3. FF-S-86 is the procurement specification for the NAS 1351 and NAS 1352 fasteners as well as the socket head cap screws most commonly used in the past. If the required NAS socket head cap screws are not stocked, the equivalent Military Standard (MS) cap screws may be used. 2 Replacement Cadmium-Plated Socket Head Cap Screws.

0-80 UNF-3A 1/8 to 3 Alloy 160 ksi through steel 5/8-18 UNF-3A *Available lengths vary with each stew diameter. See dimensional specification for complete listing of available thread sizes, diameters, and lengths. # For new designs and replacements use NAS 1352. ## For new designs and replacements use NAS 1351. S9086-CJ-STM-010/CH-075R2 75-17 S9086-CJ-STM-010/CH-075R2 b. Some of the MS standards have not been updated to reflect current FF-S-86 requirements. c. 0002 inch on the MS capscrews, and provides improved corrosion resistance.

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