Epistemic Norms: New Essays on Action, Belief, and Assertion by Clayton Littlejohn, John Turri

By Clayton Littlejohn, John Turri

Epistemic norms play an more and more vital function in lots of present debates in epistemology and past. Paramount between those are debates approximately trust, motion, and statement. 3 basic questions manage the literature. What epistemic requisites constrain acceptable trust? What epistemic requisites constrain applicable statement? What epistemic standards constrain applicable motion? With the super yet disparate progress of the literature on epistemic norms, the time is ripe for a quantity bringing jointly papers by way of tested and rising figures, with an eye fixed towards the interconnections between our 3 questions. that's accurately what this quantity seeks to do.

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So, Lackey will have to say that the impropriety involved in this slightly amplified lottery case differs from that involved in the original one. But that seems wrong: Friend 2’s assertions seem to be defective in more or less the same way. lenient accounts of warranted assertability 43 Unfortunately, RCA’s explanation of D2 turns out to be more complicated than it initially appears. While it’s plausible to think your friends don’t know you’ll lose, it’s nevertheless reasonable for them to think you’ll lose; but if that’s right, then Friend 2’s evidence for L does make L rationally credible for him.

Consider the following case (Hawthorne 2002): The Capital of the Netherlands While co-teaching a class you and I are having a chat about how well American students know the capitals of the European countries. I say to you “I bet all our students know the capital of the Netherlands”. You disagree. ”. Each student replies with “Amsterdam”. I triumphantly turn to you and say “See, what I said”. In this context, I don’t care about whether each student merely asserts, believes, reliably believes or justifiably believes that Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands.

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