Endgame in NATO's Enlargement: The Baltic States and Ukraine by Yaroslav Bilinsky

By Yaroslav Bilinsky

After in brief facing arguments for and opposed to NATO's growth so far as Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary, the writer exhibits why the growth method has to be carried ahead to incorporate, within the close to destiny, the 3 Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and Ukraine. Inclusion of the Baltic States and of Ukraine in NATO might stabilize the area via supporting the Russian democrats to pay attention to development a really democratic, market-oriented Russian nationwide kingdom, rather than succumbing to the temptation to revive the Soviet Union. Ukraine give a contribution to NATO a large traditional army strength and a major strategic region; the Baltic States provide a first-rate position and an indomitable spirit. The Balts and Ukraine can help NATO while eventually admitted as complete members.Using polling information, published fabric, and interviews with Lithuanian and Ukrainian diplomats, the booklet convincingly exhibits the steadiness of the Baltic and Ukrainian safeguard targets with no glossing over a few problems, either inner and exterior.

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If we can be sure that the door will open, then we should think about [membership]. But that process will take time and we should meanwhile find a proper form of cooperation between Ukraine and NATO. 24 But in the same interview, Borys Tarasyuk left a loophole for Ukraine: if the security of that country deteriorated with unexpected suddenness, Ukraine reserved to itself the right to apply for NATO membership immediately. 25 In a brief conversation with me at an international conference in Washington, DC, Ambassador Tarasyuk realistically sketched the three foremost obstacles to Ukraine being able to gain admission to NATO.

5/34. 14. Ibid. 15. , pp. 5/35. 16. Jim Hoagland, ‘‘Fight for the Baltics,’’ Wash. Post, August 4, 1996, p. , ‘‘Outlook Section’’). 17. Ibid. 18. Saulius Girnius, ‘‘Looking at Russia: Restraint and Resentment from the Baltic States,’’ Transition, vol. 2, no. 23 (November 15, 1996), p. 19. After the Baltic Ministers of Defense objected to Secretary Perry’s statement, he wrote them a letter, dated October 3, 1996, arguing that his remarks had been misinterpreted: ‘‘The Balts are fully eligible for NATO membership, and .

But Asmus and Nurick suggested a European sponsor, preferably Germany, which for a strange reason has not played an active role in the northern sector. To conclude, the Balts have morally earned the support of the large European powers and of the United States, who did not recognize their incorporation from 1940 until 1991. But neither did the United States recognize Lithuania’s independence in March 1990, when it counted most. Will the United States go against Russian interests in the Baltics in 1997 and 1998?

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