EMATs for Science and Industry: Noncontacting Ultrasonic by Masahiko Hirao

By Masahiko Hirao

EMATs for technology and Industry includes the actual ideas of electromagnetic acoustic transducers (EMATs) and the functions to medical and commercial ultrasonic measurements on fabrics. The textual content is prepared in 4 components:
-PART I is meant to be a self-contained description of the fundamental components of coupling mechanism besides useful designing of EMATs for numerous reasons. There are numerous implementations to catch up on the low move potency of the EMATs. precious the way to make an EMAT also are awarded.
-PART II describes the primary of electromagnetic acoustic resonance (EMAR), which makes the main of contactless nature of EMATs and is the main winning amplification mechanism for distinctive pace and attenuation measurements.
-PART III applies EMAR to learning the actual acoustics. New measurements emerged on 3 significant matters; in situ tracking of dislocation habit, decision of anisotropic elastic constants, and acoustic nonlinearity evolution.
-PART IV offers with a number of person issues encountered in business functions, for which the EMATs are believed to the easiest solutions.

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64) where we neglected the terms proportional to oHz/ox. The first term in the right-hand side of Eq. 64) can generate the surface shear waves or plate shear waves propagating along the x direction with the y polarization. The second term generates the bulk shear wave propagating in the thickness direction with the y polarization. 3 Receiving Mechanisms A dynamic deformation caused by an acoustic wave creates dynamic electromagnetic fields in a conductive material exposed to a steady magnetic field.

Lt consists of a single cylindrical permanent magnet and a flat pancake coil. The static field from the magnet has the radial and the normal components, which interact with the eddy currents and induce the Lorentz forces along the normal and radial directions, respectively (f/L) and j,(L)). ) These forces generate the longitudinal wave and the radially-polarized shear wave both propagating in the thickness direction 41 Available EMATs air magnet 20L s 1450L 240L 00 -=--:--~ 200/. v 950L conductor x 1600L Fig.

Middle is the trace when channel 1 is excited with the same pulse, but of reversed polarity Available EMATs Multiple-delayed pulser ch1 ch2 L . . -- '--- Transmitter DC power supply Receiver OC power supply Fig. 9 Arrangement for unidirectional generation of longitudinal wave. , 1998. ) (After Yamasaki and a delay. These two waveforms are overlapped in the bottom trace to chancelout the left-propagating signal and amplify the right-propagating signal. This is accomplished by adjusting the transmitter coil space to a quarter wavelength of the excited longitudinal wave and delaying the channel-l excitation by a quarter period relative to the channel-2 excitation.

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