Electrical Circuit And Machines Laboratory With Labview by Nesimi Ertugrul

By Nesimi Ertugrul

Grasp electrical circuits, machines, units, and tool electronics palms on-without dear gear. In LabVIEW for electrical Circuits, Machines, Drives, and Laboratories Dr. Nesimi Ertugrul makes use of custom-written LabVIEW digital tools to light up the research and operation of a variety of AC and DC circuits, electric machines, and drives-including high-voltage/current/power purposes coated in no different booklet. contains unique history, VI panels, lab practices, info, and self-study questions - every little thing you want to in achieving actual mastery.

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The data file included in this VI contains three sets of measured data that are obtained at different field current values of the conventional brush DC machine in the lab, and is very much different for the other types of rotating electrical machines. 3-3 Electrical Circuits and Machines Laboratory with LabVIEW Lab 3 Electrical Machines Tests Figure 3-1. com Lab 3 Electrical Machines Tests The coefficients of the time axis and the starting speed for the simulation can be set here. After pressing "Get Speed" button, the simulated deceleration, speed versus time curve is displayed in this graph.

Ertugrul, Electric Power Applications Lecture Notes, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Adelaide, 1997. © National Instruments Corporation 2-25 Electrical Circuits and Machines Laboratory with LabVIEW Lab 2 Definitions and Measurement Technques in AC Circuits Background Information As can be seen in Equation 2-16, the voltage in Phase 1 reaches a maximum first, followed by Phase 2 and then Phase 3 for sequence 123. This sequence should be evident from the phasor diagram of the three-phase source where the phasors should pass a fixed point in the order 1-2-3, 1-2-3, ….

In this test, the variation of the phasors in a three-phase AC circuit will be examined. The phasors are obtained by selecting one of the voltage as the reference with a phase angle of zero, and determining the phase angles of the other two phases in the system. Since the amplitudes and the frequencies of the voltage sources are equal, the phasors have equal lengths and are drawn easily. The phase and the line voltage phasors in the three-phase system can also be represented in polar form as shown below.

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