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For Service and his contemporary Morton Fried, the 3. Strachey, Historie of Travell, ed. Wright and Freund, 86. Most scholars translate Tsenacommacah (or Tsenacomoco) as ‘‘densely inhabited land’’ (Frederic W. , 1997], 25). According to David Beers Quinn, drawing on the work of James A. , nos. 104–105 [London, 1955], II, 854). On another occasion, Geary proposed ‘‘it is a nearby dwelling-place’’ (‘‘Strachey’s Vocabulary of Indian Words Used in Virginia, 1612,’’ in Strachey, Historie of Travell, 211).

It is reasonable to assume that he planned to establish a relationship with Europeans who could provide him, his lineage, and his chiefdom with a source of the goods that brought power. Compared to other locations on the Atlantic coast, the Chesapeake had experienced few European visitors, shipwrecks, and their associated influxes of material goods before Paquiquineo’s departure. Verrazano missed the bay in 1524. ’’ But such episodes were rare on a coast much off course for Europeans plying routes to and from either the West Indies and the Spanish Main or Newfoundland.

Eltis, Rise of African Slavery, 9. On the distinction between the early and later systems of slavery in the Atlantic basin, see P. C. Emmer, ‘‘The Dutch and the Making of the Second Atlantic System,’’ in Barbara L. , Slavery and the Rise of the Atlantic System (Cambridge, 1991), 76–81. 18 Introduction anxieties of the era. 17 Europeans saw a variety of possibilities in the Americas. In places where the climate seemed appropriate, the newcomers hoped to cultivate wellknown plants, such as grapes and (as the rise of plantations in São Tomé and Brazil reveal) sugar.

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