Diplomacy with a Difference: the Commonwealth Office of High by Lloyd, L.

By Lloyd, L.

Utilizing archival fabric from 4 states, interviews and correspondence with diplomats, and a wealth of literature at the Commonwealth and its individuals, this publication explores the evolution of designated diplomatic hyperlinks among Commonwealth states, and their reception into the overseas method.

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45 Farr (1955) 269. See also Skilling (1945) 84 & 104; Dalziel (1975) 112. 46 According to Hancock, for forty years from the early 1870s onwards ‘imperial federation continued to be urged as the only satisfactory solution of the imperial problem’: Hancock (1937) 31. , 32, 44. 48 Thus in 1932 The Times saw Stanley Bruce’s appointment as resident minister as a welcome experiment. ‘One effect’, it said, ‘is the possibility of the abolition of the High Commissioner’s ofÀce and the substitution for it of representation on the lines of Mr.

Is no longer capable of conveying what the colony has to say to us. . 10 The CO and governors(-general) were far from ready to relinquish their constitutional powers. Nevertheless, in 1885 a former permanent under-secretary (the senior ofÀcial) of the CO noted approvingly that agents-general had been ‘cordially accepted and studiously raised in dignity and inÁuence’ by an imperial government that seemed intent on giving them ‘relatively to the Colonial Minister, a status analogous to that which is held by the representatives of foreign States .

Sir Gerald Campbell quoted in Garner (1978) 46 n. After establishing that the ofÀcial who had been sent to open the Àrst Canadian legation at Tokyo ‘could speak a more or less intelligible form of English’, the British ambassador’s wife ‘bombarded’ him with ‘inquiries as to why Canada should be opening diplomatic ofÀces abroad, especially in Japan. “Quite unnecessary, you know; we don’t mind looking after things for you, and, of course, we have had a long experience. ’ The Àrst secretary’s wife, who had been ‘wondering if you would be wearing spurs and a cowboy hats,’ was surprised to Ànd he had written a book: Keenleyside (1981) 269.

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