Die poetische Ukraine. by Bodenstedt F.

By Bodenstedt F.

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Was once bewog vier der wichtigsten NASA-Wissenschaftler dazu, unmittelbar nach der Landung von Apollo eleven auf dem Mond zurückzutreten? Warum taten sie dies alle in der größten Stunde ihres Triumphes? Weshalb wurde das Apollo-Programm nach Apollo 17 zur Enttäuschung vieler Wissenschaftler abgebrochen, wo es doch noch so viel zu erforschen gab?

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947–54 (948–9). The speech was written for Jakob Milich, professor of medicine at Wittenberg University, to deliver when Johann Albert Lutheran consolation for bereaved parents 25 the twentieth century. The developmental psychologist John Bowlby cites an article by George Engel which investigates the similar symptoms caused by grief and physical disease. ⁵² The metaphor of the wound of grief is used in the Old Testament book already identified as central to a discussion of Lutheran consolation: the book of Job.

Philipp Melanchthon, who witnessed Luther’s anguish, offers a commentary on what he saw: ‘Parental affections are an image of God’s nature, imprinted upon the human mind. ³³ Pancratius’s sermon series considers seven tribulations typically encountered by bereaved parents. The genesis of the series is interesting. , V, 5490, 5491. , V, 5501 that when he had placed Magdalena’s body on the funeral bier, ‘he broke down in tears and, with sobs wracking his body, quickly left his daughter’ (‘Tunc in fletus erupit, et singultus viscera quassabant abeunti celeriter a filia’).

Fvv and Walther, Trost: Für die Jenigen/ so vber dem Absterben jrer Freunde/ Ehegemahl/ oder Kinder/ betrübet sind […] (Budissin: Hans Wolrab, 1571), fo. Aiijv . ⁸¹ 1 Thessalonians 4: 13, WA Bibel, VII, 247 (my emphasis). In urging Christians not to resemble pagans in immoderate grief, the writers adopt the shame topos; the classical equivalent is the identification of excessive sorrow as unmanly. ⁸² Such grief is an affront to God, but it is also futile, since it cannot bring back the child. ’⁸⁴ Many authors point to the case of David, who wept for his infant son whilst he was ill, but after the boy’s death ceased to lament.

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