Dictionary of Sports Science by A & C Black Publishers

By A & C Black Publishers

This important reference for an individual drawn to the attention-grabbing global of game comprises greater than 5,000 phrases on the subject of recreation and activities technological know-how. one of the integrated matters are anatomy, body structure, physiotherapy, biology, activities medication, carrying principles and laws, governing our bodies, healthiness and health, and banned ingredients.

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A protective plastic covering for a sportsman’s genitals, worn especially in cricket í verb to fight using the techniques of boxing, or fight someone in a boxing match boxing noun the sport of fighting with the fists with padded gloves, with the aim of knocking out the opposing boxer, or inflicting enough punishment to cause the other boxer to retire or be judged defeated boxing ring noun a square raised platform with roped-in sides, used as the fighting arena in boxing matches. Each fighter has a designated corner diagonally opposite the other.

Also called cardio cardioversion cardioversion noun a procedure to correct an irregular heartbeat by applying an electrical impulse to the chest wall carnitine carnitine noun a derivative of lysine carnosine carnosine noun a sports supplement carotid artery carotid artery noun either of the two main arteries that carry blood to the head and neck carotid body carotid body noun tissue in the carotid sinus which is concerned with cardiovascular reflexes carotid pulse carotid pulse noun a pulse taken from one of the carotid arteries in the neck carotid sinus carotid sinus noun an expanded part attached to the carotid artery, which monitors blood pressure in the skull carpal carpal adjective relating to the wrist carponavicular fracture carponavicular fracture noun a fracture to the wrist caused by forcefully bending the hand back during a fall carpus carpus noun the set of bones by which the hand is connected to the lower arm.

Compare white adipose tissue bruise bruise noun a dark painful area on the skin where blood has escaped under the skin following a blow. g. vomiting, use of laxatives or excessive exercise bulk bulk noun 1. large size or mass 2. fm Page 37 Monday, September 25, 2006 2:53 PM 37 bye bunion bunion noun an inflammation and swelling of the big toe, caused by tight shoes which force the toe sideways so that a callus develops over the joint between the toe and the metatarsal bunionette noun a bunion on the little toe burdock noun a detoxifying supplement burn noun 1.

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