Dictionary of American Slang: 4th Edition by Barbara Ann Kipfer, Robert L. Chapman

By Barbara Ann Kipfer, Robert L. Chapman

We know language alterations speedily, yet to persist with alongside calls for an ancient view. Chapman's Dictionary of yankee Slang, Fourth version, offers simply what's had to hint the language of at the present time again to its American roots. And make no mistake––this is a dictionary that's simply American, where the place you could hint the improvement of the yank language, in it truly is hugely casual layout often called "slang." a few could ask: "isn't the language altering so quickly that this ebook is old-fashioned the day on which it's published?" even though it is correct that alterations to the language, quite slang, take place quicker and swifter within the digital age, nonetheless there's a position for an authoritative, famous paintings that retains song of and compiles the language into an old record, as this dictionary does. it really is precise that language alterations in a short time; it is only as real that present day slang will be forgotten the next day. In recording the altering language, and checking out what is the following to stick from what is coming and speedy going, the Dictionary of yank Slang serves an invaluable and critical objective.

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A A n 1 Amphetamine 2 LSD; ACID (Narcotics) AA (pronounced as separate letters) modifier: an AA barrage n An antiaircraft weapon, or antiaircraft fire; ACK-ACK, FLAK (WWI) abandominiums n Abandoned apartments or houses where addicts use drugs: Abandominiums blighted the former middle-class neighborhood abbreviated piece of nothing n A worthless or insignificant person or thing: Her unemployed neighbor is an abbreviated piece of nothing abc gum n Gum that has already been chewed: There’s abc gum under the desk abdabs (or habdabs or screaming abdabs or screaming habdabs) n Anxiety or nervous tension: Starting any new project gives her the abdabs (1945+) Abe’s cabe (or abe) n phr A five-dollar bill [Jive talk 1930s+ & rock and roll 1950s+; fr Lincoln’s portrait on the bill, perhaps a shortening and repronouncing of “cabbage”] A-bomb n 1 An atomic bomb 2 A car especially modified for quick acceleration and speed; HOT ROD (Hot rodders) 3 A combination of drugs, typically marijuana or hashish plus opium (Narcotics) abortion n Something of very poor quality; a messy failure; Disaster: That show is a real abortion about that See SORRY ABOUT THAT about town See MAN-ABOUT-TOWN above one’s head See IN OVER one’s HEAD abso-bloody-lutely modifier Absolutely: He abso-bloody-lutely wanted to see her again absotively (posilutely) modifier Absolutely: I absotively posilutely want to watch the basketball games academy See LAUGHING ACADEMY Acapulco gold n phr Marijuana of high quality grown near Acapulco, Mexico, and having leaves with a golden hue (Narcotics) accident n A person born from an unplanned pregnancy; an unplanned pregnancy: At 50, this third one was an accident (1900+) accidentally on purpose adv phr As if by accident, but really by intention: She missed the meeting accidentally on purpose accommodation collar n phr An arrest made to fulfill a quota, usu in response to pressure for strong police action against crime (Police) account See NO-ACCOUNT accounting See CREATIVE ACCOUNTING AC-DC (Variations: AC/DC or ac-dc or ac/dc) adj Practicing both heterosexual and homosexual sex; bisexual adv: I think she does it AC-DC [fr the abbreviations for the two types of electrical current, alternating and direct; an appliance that can operate with either type is marked AC-DC] ace adv: He did it ace every time modifier: an ace mechanic/ the ace professor n 1 A person of extraordinary skill, usu in a specified activity: poker ace/ the ace of headwaiters 2 A combat pilot who has shot down five or more enemy aircraft (WWI) 3 An unusually pleasant, generous, and decent person, esp a male; PRINCE 4 A very close friend; BUDDY, PAL (Black & street gang) 5 A man who favors flamboyant, up-to-the-minute dress; DUDE (Black) 6 A marijuana cigarette; JOINT 7 A dollar bill 8 A hole scored in one stroke (Golf) 9 An unreturnable serve that scores a quick point (Racquet games) 10 A table for one; also, a single customer (Restaurant) 11 A grilled cheese sandwich (Lunch counter); v 1 To score by an ace: He aced the fifth hole/ She aced him six times in one set (Sports) 2 (also ace out) To make a perfect or nearly perfect score: My sister aced the chemistry exam/ Ace the test and you go on to the next subject (College students) [fr the name of the playing card] See COME WITHIN AN ACE, COOL AS A CHRISTIAN WITH ACES WIRED ace boon coon or ace boon or ace buddy n phr A very good friend; best friend (Black) aced modifier Outscored; surpassed: I was aced in the election runoff ace-deuce n Three, esp a three of playing cards ace-high adj Of the best; first-rate: His reputation is ace-high ace in v phr 1 To use strategy in getting oneself into a good or profitable position 2 To understand; DIG ace in the hole n phr Something held privately in reserve until needed, esp for a winning stroke; a hidden reserve or advantage [fr poker term in the hole for a card dealt face down in a stud game] ace it v phr To score an “A” on an exam ace of spades n phr 1 A black person, esp a very dark one 2 The female genitals [fr the color and shape of the playing-card symbol] ace out See ACE aces adj Of the very best quality; superior; finest: I said it in this very sincere voice.

Not another peep out of you! another pretty face See NOT JUST ANOTHER PRETTY FACE ante See PENNY ANTE, UP THE ANTE ante up v phr To contribute money one is responsible for or is expected to give: On April 15 we all ante up to Uncle Sam [1800s+; fr the poker term for an initial contribution to the pot as a game begins] anti (AN tī) n A person opposed to a particular plan, position, action, etc: The vote showed three pros and six antis antifreeze n Heroin (Narcotics) ants or ants in one’s pants n or n phr 1 An unrelaxed, disturbed condition; anxiety; acute restlessness: After two days at sea she began to get ants 2 Sexual excitement; the HOTS antsy adj 1 In an anxious, disturbed state; nervous; jittery: But when things are quiet, I get antsy 2 Sexually aroused; lustful; HOT A-number-1 or A-number-one adj Of the highest or best quality; first-class; excellent anyhoo adv Anyhow • Mispronunciation used for presumed humorous effect any old adj phr Having only ordinary or mediocre quality; of no special distinction: Any old car will do me A-OK or A-Okay or A O-K adj Proceeding or functioning properly; giving no cause for worry; COPACETIC, GO: Your X rays are A-OK adv: The plan’s going A-OK (1960s + Space travel) A-1 or A-one adj A-NUMBER-1 ape adj 1 (also ape-shit) Stupid and destructive; irrational; berserk: You acted like you were ape, pounding the wall 2 (also ape-shit) Very enthusiastic; highly excited; BANANAS: He’s ape about my new car n 1 A black person 2 The best or greatest; the ultimate: Her paintings are truly ape (Beat talk & rock and roll) 3 An especially strong and pugnacious hoodlum; a strong-arm man or muscle man; GOON, GORILLA See GO APE, HOUSE APE, RUG RAT aped adj Drunk (1900s+) ape hangers n phr High swooping motorcycle handlebars ape-shit See APE, GO APE apparatchik n An aide, staff member, etc, esp of a bureaucratic sort; flunky; RUNNING DOG: the politicians and their technocratic apparatchiki on both sides [fr Russian, “member of the Communist party, or apparat”] apple n 1 A ball, esp a baseball 2 A street or district where excitement may be found (1930s+ Jazz musicians) 3 Any large town or city (1930s+ Jazz musicians) 4 A Native American who has taken on the values and behavior of the white community; UNCLE TOMAHAWK See ALLEY APPLE, the BIG APPLE, HORSE APPLE, SMART APPLE, SURE AS GOD MADE LITTLE GREEN APPLES, SWALLOW THE APPLE, WISE GUY Apple, the See the BIG APPLE applejack cap n phr A round, usu knitted and bright-colored cap with a wide peak and a pompom; Bop Cap (Black) apple-knocker n 1 Any fruit picker, esp a migratory orchard worker 2 A rural person; unsophisticated rustic; HICK [fr the practice of knocking apples out of trees] apple-pie-and-motherhood modifier Having obvious and unexceptionable virtue: They’ll always vote yes on an apple-pie-and-motherhood issue apple-pie order n phr A condition of neatness, correctness, and propriety: Paul keeps the financial records in apple-pie order apple-polish v To flatter and pamper in order to gain personal advantage; curry favor; BROWN-NOSE, SUCK UP TO someone: He started apple-polishing the captain as soon as he got on board apple-polisher n A person who apple-polishes [fr the traditional image of the pupil who brings the teacher a shiny red apple] apples See HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES applesauce n Nonsense; pretentious talk; BULLSHIT, BUNK: “Ideologies” freely translated into American means “applesauce” [1900s+; fr the fact that relatively cheap, hence worthless, applesauce would be served instead of choicer food in boardinghouses] apples to oranges n phr An unfair comparison appropriate v LIBERATE (WWI Army) AR (pronounced as separate letters) n Armed robbery (Police) -arama See -RAMA Archie Bunker modifier: He has the support of the traditional Republican establishment, and is adding the Archie Bunker vote n phr A bigoted lower-middle-class American; HARD HAT, REDNECK [fr the name of the leading character of the television comedy series All in the Family, who exhibited the traits indicated] are we having fun yet?

A part of the fun of making a slang dictionary is the exercise of ingenuity and insight for etymologies through the lexicographer’s research. Etymological research is ongoing, so the editor asks to be enlightened if an etymology has been improved upon by other scholars. Cross-References This book attempts to cross-reference nearly every important term in every phrase. Since this book defines a great number of phrasal entries, every attempt has been made to help the readers find the term being sought.

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