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This way, you can quickly prototype an application interface. To start designing the text editor, add a RichEdit and a StatusBar component to the form: 1 To create a text area, first add a RichEdit component. To find the RichEdit component, on the Win32 page of the Component palette, point to an icon on the Creating a text editor—a tutorial 4-3 Adding components to the form palette for a moment; Delphi displays a Help tooltip showing the name of the component. When you find the RichEdit component, either: • Select the component on the palette and then click on the form where you want to place the component; or • Double-click the component to place it in the middle of the form.

After Hint, type Save file. After ImageIndex, type 8. After Name, enter FileSave (for the File|Save command). 6 Click the drop-down arrow next to the New Action button and click New Action. 7 With No Category selected, click Action1. In the Object Inspector, set the following properties: • After Caption, type &Index. • After Category, type Help. • After Name, enter HelpIndex (for the Help|Index command). 8 Click the drop-down arrow next to the New Action button and click New Action. 9 Next to (No Category), select Action1.

You can remove that text using the Strings List Editor. If you don’t clear the text now, the text should be removed when initializing the main form in the last step. To clear the text area: 1 On the main form, click the RichEdit1 component. 2 In the Object Inspector, next to the Lines property, double-click the value (TStrings) to display the Filter editor. 3 Select and delete the text (RichEdit1) you want to remove in the Filter editor and click OK. 4 Save your changes and trying running the program again.

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