Deliberate Deceptions: Facing the Facts About the by Paul Findley

By Paul Findley

Former Congressman Paul Findley offers a listing of mistruths provided by means of Israel and the Israeli foyer, AIPAC, through the years, and systematically rebuts every one with transparent and concise proof as a way to set the checklist directly on U.S.-Israeli relatives.

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A summary of the argument of this book can be found in John Vasquez 'Colouring it Morgenthau: New Evidence for an Old Thesis on Quantitative International Politics', British Journal of International Studies (Vol. 3, 1979), pp. 210-28. J. Handelman, J. Vasquez, M. O'Leary and W. Coplin, 'Color it Morgenthau: A Data-Based Assessment of Quantitative International Relations Research', unpublished paper, Prince Research Studies, Syracuse University, 1973, p. 31. Most clearly expressed in K. : Addison-Wesley, 1979).

Morgenthau, Politics Among Nations, p. 3. For a discussion of the role of Morgenthau's assumptions about human nature see Steve Smith, 'War and Human Nature' in Ian Forbes and Steve Smith (eds), Politics and Human Nature (London: Frances Pinter, 1983), pp. 164-179. : Prentice-Hall, 1960), pp. 30-9. Hoffmann 'An American Social Science', pp. 45-70. Hoffman, 'An American Social Science', p. 45. Hoffman, 'An American Social Science', p. 47. Robert Rothstein, 'On the Costs of Realism', Political Science Quarterly (Vol.

The events, of course, were the rise of a Second Cold War and the re-evaluation of the definition of Realism so as to include an explanation of the economic dimension of US hegemony. While there are a variety of approaches to studying International Relations in the mid-1980s it is evident that, in the United States at least, Realism in one form or another is dominant in content, if not in name. There are competing paradigms, but even this brief review of the history of the subject must conclude that if we were forced to say which paradigm dominates, it is Realism.

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