Creating Game Art for 3D Engines (Game Development) by Brad Strong

By Brad Strong

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To weld everything together, get into Vertex subobject mode, select all the vertices in the model, click the Weld Settings button, and manipulate the Weld Threshold value until you see a significant change in the number of vertices. If you set the Weld Threshold too high, too many vertices are welded together. To guard against this, keep a close eye on the model when you perform this operation. This type of weld only operates on selected vertices, so minimizing your selection set can help to control the results.

If you want to snap to particular points, the 3D snap tool is useful. Set your snaps by right-clicking the Snaps toggle. Select the check boxes you want to use, and close the dialog by clicking the X in the corner. 27, snaps are being set to Endpoint and Midpoint. 27 accuracy. 28. Make sure to turn the Snaps toggle off when you are finished, because this tool can make normal work difficult if it is kept on. 28 Using the 3D Snap tool to snap to midpoints of an edge. 29, notice how the new edge created in the previous figure was terminated by connecting it to two separate vertices.

A completed version of this file is available on the companion CD-ROM. max and is located in Files\OilDrum. MODELING A HEALTH PATCH Our next model will be made of three meshes and will be used as a health pickup in the game. 3 shows the first four steps to creating this model. Start with a cone that has 6 sides and 2 height segments. Make the cone a little less than 1 meter high. Then convert it to an Editable Poly by right-clicking on it and selecting Convert to Editable Poly. In the Editable Poly menu, go into Polygon sub-object mode, and select all the polygons on the object.

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