Crash Course for the New GRE, 4th edition by Neill Seltzer, Princeton Review, Wendy Voelkle

By Neill Seltzer, Princeton Review, Wendy Voelkle

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Each time you see a question, get in the habit of immediately writing down A, B, C, D, E on your scratch paper. Mark up at least a couple of pages (front and back) like this before the test officially starts. This will give you a bunch of distinct work areas per page, which will be especially helpful for the Math section. You don’t want to get confused when your work from one question runs into your work from a previous question. You then can physically cross off choices that you’re eliminating.

Find proof—Always go back to the passage and find proof. If they highlight a portion of the passage, start reading four or five lines before the highlighted section and read until four or five lines after. You always want to look at things in context. If they don’t highlight the text, use a lead word (any word that will be easy to skim for in the passage: names, dates, technical terms, anything with a capital letter—all make good lead words), and then read five lines up and five lines down. Step 4.

The correct answers will each complete the sentence and keep the meaning the same. Reading Comprehension—Reading Comp supplies you with a passage and then asks you questions about the information in the passage, the author’s intent, or the structure. There are three distinct question types that could occur here: Multiple Choice—You must select one correct answer from five choices. Select All That Apply—These questions used to number three choices with roman numerals and you had to pick I, I and II only, and so on.

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